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One Touch Tall Dog Gate II Autumn Matte

$308.00 USD

The door handle allows you to open the wooden door in either direction with the touch of one button! Fits doorway or hallway openings from 32.1-36.4″. Tension-mount design keeps the dog gate permanently in place. Latched gate handle locks/unlocks easily with one hand. Rubber stoppers protect wall surfaces.

Before Installation: At first glance, your gate will have a "V-shaped" gap between the gate door and the frame. This is not a defect. This gap will close properly as you tighten the adjuster knobs. The adjuster knobs are designed to control the entire setup of the gate once the Adjuster Bolts and extensions are set in place. This is part of the overall design of the tension-mount gate.


- Recommended for 8.8- 88 lbs.
- Fits doorway or hallway openings from 32.1-36.4"
- 1.5" space between wood spindles
- Gate Door opening is 20.1" wide
- Height: 38.4"
- Tension-mount design keeps gate permanently in place

Size: 32.1″ – 36.4″ x 2″ x 38.4″"

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