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Only Paw Prints Dog Poop Bag Holder Wildflowers

$14.00 USD

The Only Paw Prints Dog Poop Bag Holder is for stepping outside to make memories and leave no trace behind. It features a wide-mouth zipper, large eyelet dispenser, and no-dangle strap. Check out the rest of the Wildflowers Collection here.

- Colorful, richly textured handwoven fabric exterior
- Wide-mouth zipper opening and large stainless eyelet dispenser
- Sturdy, stainless, lobster clip and no-dangle strap for leash attachment
- Slim design that accommodates all standard poop bag rolls

Care: For best result, machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent. Then line dry or machine dry on Low or Air Only.

Size: One Size