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Personalized Dog Harness Herringbone Ribbon

$50.00 USD

We don't like bulky dog harnesses that take 15 minutes to put on, and we know you don't either. All your dog has to do is step in with their front legs, you pull up and snap, and you two are ready to go. It couldn't be easier OR better looking! Matching dog leash is also available.

- Made with contoured buckles that fit the curves of your dog's body for ultimate comfort
- It utilizes large gauge D-rings so you can rest assured your pooch is secure on his or her lead
- It's made of washable designer fabrics so you can keep your pup's specialty dog harness in pristine condition
- It's made and engraved in the USA
- It's built to last we use tough nylon webbing that can withstand over 3,100 pounds of pressure

Ribbon Colors: Apple Green, Baby Pink, Black, Blue, Chocolate Brown, Lavender, Leaf Green, Magenta, Medium Pink, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, Red Brown, Silver Grey, Tan

Webbing Colors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Dark Purple, Dolphin Blue, Pink, Sage, Lime, Yellow, Grape, Navy, Teal, Hunter, Pumpkin, Sky Blue, Red, Brown, Slate, Black, Army Green, Green Apple, Peacock Blue, Ash Grey, Neon Blaze Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Yellow

Sizes: (by girth)
XSmall (5/8"): 6-11"
Small (5/8"): 9-15"
Mid Small (5/8"): 13-17"
Medium (5/8"): 14-21"
Medium (1"): 14-21"
Large (1"): 17-24"
XLarge (1"): 22-30"
XXLarge (1"): 30-35"

This item is custom made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Returns/Exchanges not accepted. No two dogs are created equal, neither are size charts! Please refer to the size chart to ensure the perfect fit.