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Poochie Boots Dog Shoes

$55.00 USD

PoochieBoots are the dog shoes dogs can walk and run in -- and they STAY ON! PoochieBoots are meticulously sized and provide the ultimate fit and comfort while providing protection from snow, ice, salt, toxic melting chemicals and hot pavements. Your dog will look super adorable all while keeping their paws clean and protected. The designer will donate $2 from the sale of every set of boots to non-profit shelters and rescue organizations.

PoochieBoots have detachable interchangeable straps so the dogs can have a different style for every occasion or season - or even match their humans. (Extra sets sold separately for sizes 0-3 only!)

-Unlike other dog boots, our Velcro straps are proportionately sized to ensure a comfortable snug fit so the boots stay on. Sizes 0-3 have narrow 3/8" straps. Sizes 4-7 have wider 5/8" straps with self-tightening cinch clip.
-Red PVC Sole material is soft and supple so dogs can feel the ground under their paws. Soles are non-slip, waterproof, chemical, salt and heat resistant. Soles are durable, but not meant for long walks on dry abrasive surfaces such as city cement.
-Weatherproof fleece-lined softshell outer with stretchy knit cuff.
-Logo label with size # (on back) to keep multiple sets separate.
-Size Variance. The larger the dog, the larger the size variance between front and back paws. Accordingly, they've paired the size 7 with size 6, and size 6 with size 5 for back paws.
-Machine wash gentle cycle. Air dry.
-Set of (4) boots come in reusable storage pouch with pocket to hold extra strap sets.
-Comes with 2 interchangeable sets of (4) straps in Black/White Gingham and Black/Red Zebra.

Sizes: 0-7

No two dogs are created equal, neither are size charts! Please refer to the size chart to ensure the perfect fit.