Reversible Snuggle Bug Dog Carrier Light Pink


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Versatility meets luxury in this reversible snuggle bug dog carrier. This single item acts as a car seat, pet bed, carrier bag and more. Made with the finest in luxury fabrics, soft doesn't even do justice for the cloud of comfort provided for you pet. This reversible Snuggle Bug is machine washable, lightweight and fashion forward. It comes with a matching blanket and cushion for additional comfort. Be sure that your pet has the best with these Snuggle Bugs.

Options for Lightweight, Reversible Snuggle Bugs:
1. Compact super soft pet dog carrier with pillow and blankie.
2. Roll down sides and put the pillow in for a snuggle pet bed.
3. Pillow in and strap over car headrest for a carseat.
4. Attach strap in last "O" ring for a deep sack type pet dog carrier.
5. Open dog carrier completely and put pillow on bottom for a cozy, burrow bed.

Size: Measures approximately 12" x 16" on the interior. Has a height of 10" as a bed and 16" as a dog carrier. One size fits up to 16 lbs.

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.

Reversible Snuggle Bug Dog Carrier Light Pink

Reversible Snuggle Bug Dog Carrier Light Pink