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Scout Dog ID Tag

$48.00 USD

Don't let your pooch get lost without a dog id tag! Keep them safe and stylish with a hand-stamped pet id tag. They'll be the envy of four-legged friends everywhere! These tags don't have to be just for dogs! Use them as a keychain to label your house keys, car keys, studio keys, etc.

A round disc is hand-stamped with your pet's name and number. If you like, you can add a cute little bone or another design stamp to the tag.

3/4" is a small size, and is best for cats and smaller dogs. 1" is a medium size and is just slightly larger than a quarter.

The tag will be hung on two sturdy split rings (one large and one small). The split rings are high-tolerance zinc-plated steel rings that are made in the USA and made to last.

Metals: Aluminum, Sterling Silver

Sizes: 3/4", 1"

Stamps: Bone, Clover, Crown, Dove, Heart, Leaf, Mountains & Moon, Mustache, Paw, Squirrel, Star, Trout

Fonts: Block Caps, Comic Sans, Fancy Caps, Handwriting, Helvetica, Large Caps, Pin-up, Script, Small Caps, Swirly, Typewriter, XL Caps

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. This item is custom-made to order and therefore, is not eligible for return/exchange.