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Straight Random Crystal Dog Collar

$185.00 USD

A beautiful, durable dog collar that is perfect for everyday wear! The crystals are individually set into their own bezel and the setting is secured right through the depth of the hide making it virtually impossible for the crystal to get lost. The matching dog leash has randomly set crystals near the leash hook and is available in either 5/8" or 3/4" wide x 44" long.

These exclusive products are handmade in England from superior quality bridle leather and lined with soft Italian hide for extra comfort. The collar features solid brass hardware for your pet's safety. Each piece comes with a written guarantee. With a little care, this collar will last a lifetime. Please read and follow the care instructions that come with your purchase.

Colors: Amethyst on Purple, Aurora on Turquoise, Citrus on Whiskey, Clear on Black, Pink/Clear on Pink, Clear on Red, Clear on White, Dark Sapphire on Powder Blue, Fuchsia/Rose/Aurora/Clear on Fuchsia, Golden Shadow/Light Topaz on Brown, Golden Shadow on Whiskey, Jet/Gold on Black, Light Sapphire/Dark Sapphire/Aurora/Clear on Powder Blue, Light Sapphire/Dark Sapphire on Dark Sky Blue, Pacific Opal/Aurora on Whiskey, Rainbow on Black

Sizes: (Measured from the prong on the buckle to the first and last hole.) T - XL

This item is custom-made to order. Returns/Exchanges not accepted. Please allow 2-8 weeks for delivery, depending on availability. We will endeavor to fulfill your order as quickly as possible, however, orders cannot be canceled even if there is an unforeseen delay beyond this stated time. Each product has a unique size chart. Your dog is not going to be the same size in every item. Please measure your dog and refer to the size chart on each product page before making a selection.