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Sweet Orange Dog Wash Sponge

$31.00 USD

Award-winning! These dog wash sponges with essential oils have received a 3rd place recognition as Best Grooming Product at SuperZoo 2014. Discover this natural soap-infused wash sponge, capturing the essence of the quality life for dogs and featuring essential oil of sweet orange, known for its calming, deodorizing and bug deterrent benefits for dogs. Sweet orange essential oil helps relax and calm your dog, removes dead skin, adds deep shine to the coat and leaves the dog happy and refreshed. Sweet orange oil also helps ward off insects, ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes naturally. Made in the UK.

Dog parents: Wet the coat with warm water and rub the sponge on the coat. Lather and massage the dog for 2 minutes to allow the essential oil to do its wonders. rinse well and repeat if needed.