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Therapeutic Eucalyptus And Green Tea Dog Shampoo Boost

$18.00 USD

Refreshing Dog Shampoo Boosts are a continuation of our shampoo line. They're light and effective and will continue to help keep your animal smelling fresh and clean in between baths while conditioning the skin and coat with natural ingredients that are also sulfate, paraben and chemical-free.

Active Ingredients:

+ Soothes skin from insect bites, stings, skin rashes, and hot spots.
+ When applied regularly, it's disinfectant properties are great for healing skin ailments like hot spots.
+ When inhaled naturally it helps to open airways and make for easier breathing.
+ Highly effective in combating pet odors.

Tea Tree:
+ Considered the "miracle worker" of essential oils!
+ Helps to relax and alleviate muscle and joint pain.
+ A powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial oil, it works to combat everything from dander and dry skin to serious skin conditions, bites and hot spots.
+ An immune stimulant that helps your pet bounce back faster from ailments + Effective pest and parasite repellant.

Sizes: 10 oz.