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Too Many Doggos Card Game

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Too Many Doggos is a card game made for dog lovers promoting the message of adopt don't shop. Help doggos find their forever homes in this fast-paced game, where you will get to run your own dog shelter. Great game for all ages: new strategy and laughs with every gameplay while kids also learn patterns, addition, subtraction. Get real dogs adopted! For every sale we make, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to shelters and rescues.


Every player runs an animal shelter with a mission to help as many dogs as possible find forever homes. Fueled with adorable artwork, this fast-paced game is great for family and friends alike. Kids can learn strategy, patterns, addition, and subtraction, while adults get the thrill from adapting to new strategies with every play.

Not only do you get to help dogs finding loving homes in this game, but you'll also make some dreams come true for amazing doggos in real life!

For 3-6 players. The game includes 162 cards, dog tokens, a manual, and a box.


Too Many Doggos takes only 5 minutes to learn. Many people will visit your adoption event, and you'll do a meet and greet with them. You’ll compete with each other to help dogs find a loving home by matching their unique traits with a person’s interests

To increase the chance of successful adoption, give any dog an edge with positive action cards. If you don't think there's a good match for a doggo, you can also use a negative action card to block the potential adoption.

Get the most well-matched dogs adopted from your shelter to win, and give many doggos the life they deserve with a loving family.

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