Google Bans Provocative "Canine Couture" URL

For Immediate Release:

New York City, USA – Stacy Braverman may be a bold businesswoman, but she is no Bitch, at least not by definition: a female dog. "That's what we call (our dog) Lola. She's the original bitch of" claims Braverman. And on that note, she founded her luxury dog fashion company: "We mean no offense by our name. It's meant to be fun; it reflects our product and attitude."

But that's not what Google thinks. When Stacy Braverman tried to advertise her website, Google's staff called her URL "inappropriate." So she opted to use her alternative URL, "We understand that many advertising outlets may object. So we plan on using a different strategy."

Aside from traditional (and costly) advertising, this Merrick, Long Island start-up plans on using "guerrilla marketing" to promote their "doggy fashions ." has already enlisted a few celebrity friends to wear their t-shirts to an upcoming Hollywood movie premiere; the shirts regale the controversial Bitch New York logo for the paparazzi! Mark McGrath, lead singer of Sugar Ray, already enjoys Bitch New York fashions. Braverman added, "Our customers share our attitude and style. They can get t-shirts for their dogs - and their human companions - on our site."

Braverman, aided by her 16 year old daughter and her ex-husband, also works with local dog-related retailers. She drives foot traffic their way through her website, as they display her lovable postcards: Official BNY "bitches" strike a pose in the latest trends in canine couture. "Anybody can have our cute postcards mailed to them and their friends for free, through our website. We're using many ways to get our name out there. But you can't expect a bitch to divulge all her secrets!" Stacy Braverman concluded.

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