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Dog ID Tags

Providing your dog with identification will help you reunite with your pet in case they get lost or stolen. It is also a universal symbol that means your dog has a loving owner and a home. Get a unique dog ID tag for your pet from Bitch New York so your pet can easily be identified. You can choose from our wide range of dog ID tags available in different shapes, sizes, and materials

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Swift Dog ID Tag

From $46.00 - $52.00

Horizontal Bone Dog ID Tag

From $61.00 - $100.00

Ryder Dog ID Tag

From $57.00 - $60.00

Chloe Dog ID Tag

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At Ease Dog ID Tag

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ID tags for dogs

Losing a pet is frustrating and painful. No matter how careful you are with their leash or your house’s fence, your dog might still be able to wander off on his own. It would be a relief if they do return, but what if they don’t? How can you protect your pet from being lost or stolen?

Plenty of shelters don’t return dogs to their owners due to the former’s lack of identification. This is because not all dog owners put dog ID tags on their pets stating their information such as name and address. If you’re one of these owners, you will lower the chances of getting your dog back if they ever get lost. It is also difficult to determine stray dogs from pet dogs without a dog ID tag.

Don’t be one of the owners who neglect to get an ID tag for their dog!

Just because your dog is already microchipped doesn’t mean that they don’t need an ID tag anymore. Dog ID tags are the easiest and most convenient way of identifying a pet without the use of technology. All people have to do is read their tag and contact you.

Therefore, don’t wait for the day your dog gets lost. Browse through our wide collection of creative, unique, and high-quality dog ID tags. We offer personal customization such as stamping your pet’s name and your contact number.

Eco-friendly dog tags

You can be a pet lover and an eco-warrior at the same time! Using eco-plastic dog ID tags will showcase your love for your fur babies and the environment. Although the term ‘eco-plastic’ might sound contradictory, it’s actually very helpful to our growing trash problem.

Eco-plastics are materials that are made from recycled plastics. Plastics won’t biodegrade for centuries and the growing amount of trash in landfills is becoming alarming. It is also making its way into oceans, polluting the water and endangering animals. While eco-plastics won’t biodegrade either, it’s a good way to lessen the amount of plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills.

With our line of eco-friendly dog ID tags made from eco-plastic, you’ll be helping the environment and keeping your fur baby safe. There are several designs you can choose from and personalize according to your preference.

  • Watermelon dog ID tag: A cute way to display your pup’s name and your contact information, this watermelon dog ID tag is bright and highly visible. It is sealed with resin to protect it from water and scratches. This makes it highly durable and built to last, even if your pup is a frisky little one! You can add up to three lines of information on the tag, such as the name, contact number, address, medical condition, or microchip number.
  • Halloween dog ID tag: Want a spooky-themed dog tag hanging from your howler’s collar? We have several Halloween dog ID tags in different designs and sizes. The eco-plastic material makes the tag naturally silent — no clanging on water bowls or jingling sounds so your dog can easily sneak and scare anyone.
  • Oh poop, I’m lost dog ID tag: Doggone it! What better way to tell people that your dog is lost with this witty dog ID tag? In the event that they accidentally wander off on their own, your dog can easily be returned to you with the information on the ID tag. The best thing about eco-plastics is that it’s nearly weightless, so your dog can comfortably wear it all the time.

Quality considerations

You can buy Dog ID tags almost anywhere: in pet shops, shopping stores, and hardware stores. However, not all ID tags have the same calibre. You have to consider the quality of the tag to make sure that it won’t deteriorate with use as well.

First, ensure that you can enlist essential information on the ID tag such as your dog’s name, your name, and your contact details. It is ideal to put your mobile number or email address on the tag instead of your home address since it’s unlikely to change often.

Next, getting a durable ID tag should be your top priority. Since dogs play, bathe, and run around all the time, a heavy-duty tag will withstand their roughhousing. Stainless steel tags are traditional and popular; however, you can also opt for materials such as eco-plastic, pewter, or silver-plated tags.

Finally, see to it that the engraved or printed information will not fade easily. A dog ID tag would be useless if it’s not readable. It should resist rust, stain, and corrosion in the long run.

Other dog ID tags

Aside from eco-friendly dog ID tags, you can also choose stainless steel, pewter, or silver-plated tags. Whichever of these dog tag materials you’ll choose, your dog will surely look adorable – just go for those stylish and durable ID tags! More importantly, contains important pet identification, so you and your dog will always be reunited in case they get lost.

Below are some of the popular dog ID tag materials you can find here at Bitch New York:

  1. Stainless steel: Forged from solid stainless steel, our line of dog ID tags are highly durable. These designs are guaranteed to never rust, fade, or corrode over time. These are also fully polished to achieve a nice and smooth finish. You can choose between flat stainless steel or enamel-filled dog ID tags.
  2. Pewter: If stainless steel is not your thing, we have plenty of dog ID tags made from lead-free pewter. Pewter is an alloy that is also durable and of premium quality. It will not tarnish, corrode, or rust even after a very long time. Our pewter dog tags are handcrafted in the US. You can also personalize them!
  3. Silver-plated: Elegant and highly readable, our line of silver-plated dog ID tags are perfect for your beloved furry friend. You can choose between flat designs or resin-filled designs ⁠– either way, all of our silver-plated dog tags are both stylish and functional at the same time. You won’t regret getting one or more for your pups!