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Designer Dog Dresses

Who says dogs can’t be fashionistas? At Bitch New York, we believe our special little pooches can rock any style, and that includes fabulous dresses.

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About Dog Dresses

Dressing up our doggie companions can be fun, and your dog will love the extra attention. Next time they are out on walkies, they’ll be the talk of the town. They’ll blow people away at their next doggy event or even at a special celebration of your own!

Dresses aren’t just for show, though. Smaller breeds can struggle with temperature regulation and so they’ll appreciate the extra layer. At Bitch New York, we have a wide selection of dog dresses from party dresses to tutus.

Before you purchase any of our dresses, it’s worth considering the following details. We want to make sure you pick the best dog dress for your particular pooch.

The Right Fit

First, you will need your dog’s measurements so you can pick the right size. You don’t want your special pooch to feel restricted in any way. You want to ensure that they can still see, hear, and do their business.

How do you measure your dog? Here is a simple method to measure your dog using a flexible tape measure:

1) Loosely wrap a string around the dog’s chest. Move the string as loose as you think will be comfortable for the dog.

2) Measure the string and divide it in half. Compare the measurement to that of column A on the dog dress size tables. This can be found in the images of all our dog dress products. If your dog has long hair or a broad chest, you may want to go up to the next size.

3) Measure the length of your dog from neck to tail and take the measurement at ¾ of the full length.

Did you get the two sizes? Great, now you can rest in the knowledge that the dog dresses you buy will be safe and comfortable for your pooch. Having the correct dimensions is essential to make sure your pooch feels comfortable. You want your pooch to be free to move in their new dress.


The fabric is an important choice. You will want to buy premium materials that are soft, stretchy, and comfortable. At Bitch New York, we only sell the very best fabrics for dogs. We want to make sure your pooch is in no way irritated, too warm, or unable to move freely.

Are you looking to keep your dog warm with a new dress? You will require a delicate, soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric. It’s vital that the dress you buy for your pooch doesn’t make them too warm. This can lead to several issues for your pooch.


Machine washable fabrics are perfect for dog dresses. You want something easy to clean with as little maintenance as possible. Your pooch will appreciate the fresh-smelling gear also.

It’s not advised to allow your dog to sleep in their clothes. Parts of the clothes can irritate the dog while resting. They can get stuck in their teeth, and they won’t be able to resist chewing things like lace or buttons.

If you are considering letting your dog sleep in their dress, you should avoid buying any dress with trim or things that dangle, such as buttons, zips, and laces.

Featured Products

Pink Tutu

This stunning pink tutu is guaranteed to make your special pooch the talk of the town. People can’t help but smile and run over to compliment your little princess. Perfect for a special event or just a summer evening walk in the park.

Sailor Girl

Simply adorable and probably the most photo-worthy dress we have. The sailor girl dress will have all the other dogs green with envy. People won’t be able to control their “Awwww” over this dress.

Bitch Tutu

If your girl has got sass, then look no further. The bitch tutu is the only dress for your little diva. This is a dress for princesses with an attitude. Other dogs better watch out when your girl comes strolling into the park wearing this one.

Summer Beach Dog

It’s nearly time to get back out onto the sand, and what better way than in this beautiful summer beach dress? This one will have heads turning out on the sand this summer for sure!

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