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Buy your furry friend a comfy and cuddly dog blanket of their own. If they are cold, giving your pet a dog blanket can help them retain their body heat. Along with keeping them warm, dog blankets can be just what your furry friend needs to feel at home during an overnight visit to an unfamiliar place.

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Moon Dog Blanket

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Sun Dog Blanket

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We all know the main reason why someone would need a blanket…it’s cold. But if you find yourself fighting over a spot under the blanket, because of too many pups under yours, maybe it’s time to get your fur baby their very own dog blanket. Not only can it free up space under your blanket but they will have something familiar to take with them on stays away from home.

Below are some helpful suggestions on how to choose and buy a dog blanket. We have also picked out some of Bitch New York’s comfiest blankets for your furry friend.

How to choose a dog blanket

Getting a dog blanket could depend on a few factors. First is the type of dog you have. Is your dog hairless? This type of coat (or lack thereof!) would be one reason for purchasing a dog blanket. If your dog doesn’t have a double coat to keep him warm, or just likes to snuggle, a blanket of his very own would fit the bill.

Ultra Soft Minky Bedtime Bears Dog Blanket

Probably one of the softest fabrics in existence! Our dogs fight over who gets to sit on or lay under one of these blankets. This ultra-soft and furry dog blanket in bedtime bear pattern with ultra-soft plush on the backside also comes in several different colors and designs.

Luxe Faux Fur Waterproof Dog Blanket Silver Fox

If your dog spends time with you outdoors, this dog blanket might just be the answer. This luxe blanket was created for all the furry friends out there who deserve unprecedented comfort. Practical and luxurious, the pet blanket is faux fur on one side and waterproof, windproof RuggedTex fabric on the other. It is also flame-retardant and machine washable.

How to keep dog blankets safe for your pet

Dog blankets are not harmful to your pet, as long as you follow a couple of recommendations. If you have a burrowing pup, just make sure they have a way to get out. The general rule around here is if you want to sit down but there’s a blanket in your seat, check to make sure there isn’t someone under it! You should always opt for a blanket made specifically for dogs as opposed to human afghans or anything with a big, open weave. They could get stuck and if they like to chew on things, this kind of blanket is an open invitation to chewing! Fleece or faux fur blankets make for fantastic and super comfy, cozy dog blankets.

Dog Carrier Liner Blanket Chocolate Shag

This handmade dog carrier liner is perfect for keeping your pooch warm. It is made of high-quality fabric that can be easily washed and dried whenever needed. You can customize the fabric or just choose a design that fits your dog's personality too.

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