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Your pooch’s palace is where your furry friend will rest their head when not in your loving arms, so it’s crucial to pick a place that is warm and comforting. Especially if you’re away at work during the day or have little ones running around, having a comforting spot dedicated to your dog is crucial to keeping your pup happy and healthy.

For this reason, it’s vital that you buy dog house that will provide your pet with a safe and familiar space.

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Your Pooch’s Palace

Location, Location, Location

When deciding where to place your newly bought dog house, consider somewhere that your dog already enjoys spending time and feels safe.

If your dog likes to sleep in your room at night, an empty corner in need of a beautiful addition will suit the dog house perfectly.

If your pup enjoys afternoon naps by the washing machine, place the dog house in a location where they can still hear the familiar sound.

Do they like to watch everything that’s happening? Place the dog house in a central location where your furry friend can see everything, but not have to worry about something going on out of sight.

Size Matters

Buying a dog house that’s too big or small can be off-putting for your pooch. Too much extra space and it won’t feel cozy, but not enough and your dog is more likely to opt for a familiar couch cushion. Additionally, consider the size of the bedding. Plump pillows will make it hard for little legs to get in and out of the dog house, so something more flat but still comfortable is a better option. Larger dogs may find that flatter pillows don’t keep them warm enough or aren’t as comfortable, so here, the larger pillow option is preferred.

Building Materials

These can literally make or break a dog house. For younger pups who are still learning where they can go to the bathroom, it’s best to start off with a washing machine-friendly material, especially on the cushion.

Do you have a tendency to keep your house cool? Get a dog house with a thicker material that traps heat, so if your pup finds your lap not quite warm enough, they can head into their personal palace and you can save on your heating bill.

Featured Products

Peekaboo Dog Bed By Louisdog

The Peekaboo Dog Bed is not only elegant, but it’s also machine washable!

This bed is perfect for the newest addition to your furry family who might not yet understand bathroom rules or who still likes a roll in the mud. Not only will your pooch appreciate this dog house, but its understated beauty will also make a beautiful addition to your home.

The Dog Room Dog House

The timeless minimalist design of this piece makes it the perfect addition to any home. Besides its stunning outward appearance, it’s practical and doesn’t attract attention away from your award-worthy pooch. In fact, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a great investment.

Peekaboo Joli Dog Bed By Louisdog

Made with certified organic cotton, this beautiful dog house is a great choice for adventurous dogs. With several entrances and machine washable cloth, you won’t have to worry about your playful pup getting tired of this dog house. The Peekaboo Joli bed is suitable for small to medium dogs and is a very affordable option that is sure to please any pooch.

Introducing Your Dog to Their New Home

For more curious pups, a new structure in their familiar home won’t be a problem and may even induce excitement. However, if you have a younger dog or one that is shyer, something new and larger than them may cause some anxiety.

When setting up the new house, take an old t-shirt of the person your dog prefers the most and lay it inside the dog house. If your furry friend already has a favorite blanket, you can also use this to create a familiar smell instead. The scent will keep your dog comfortable and will encourage them to explore their new home. You can also put a few treats and some of their favorite toys inside to make them even more comfortable. Once your dog has taken a few days to warm up to the new building, remove the extra materials and let your pooch enjoy the beauty of the dog house.

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