How to Show Your Dog You Love Them

Your favorite pup deserves the best. So why not spring for the finest, luxury apparel that your four-legged friend will love? This Valentine's Day, don't just treat your beloved dog like a pet. Show how much you truly love them with everything a canine could want. From designer dog beds to warm and cozy sweaters, collar charms, gourmet treats, and full-scale health and wellness products, your pup deserves the world.

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Here are 6 fantastic ways to show your dog you love them this Valentine's Day.

1. Perk Your Dog's Ears with Exciting New Doggie Toys

In many ways, our furry family members are just like humans. They love to wake up and see a new toy! If you're looking to tell your dog how much he or she means to you, do it with an assortment of exciting playthings today.

With the best toys on the market, your pup will receive the mental stimulation and physical stimulation that animals crave.

Do you have multiple pets with different preferences, behaviors, and attitudes? With pooch toys for every breed, style, and price, you can't go wrong with this selection.

From a platypus dog toy to a squeaky wine bottle, birthday cake chewy, or plush doggy bone, your pets will not be disappointed. This is how to show your dog you love them.

Types of Toys for Your Pets - The Options Are Endless

You want your pooch to enjoy his or her life while also being a trusted friend. That’s why the best playthings for pets can be used for both training basic commands for good behavior and showing the affection and love that any dog feels.

Make your dog feel loved and browse from a massive selection of playthings for dogs and animals alike. Ropes, puzzles, chewies, things for big dogs, stuff for small dogs - all needs and desires are met.

Do you need playthings for specific breeds of dogs with distinct behaviors? How about for your dogs on certain holidays with trendy themes and styles?

How to Show Your Dog You Love Them on St. Valentine's  - Perk Your Dog's Ears with Exciting New Doggie Toys

It's hard to go wrong with Bitch New York’s perfect collection for your dogs. You'll show affection, communicate love, and release oxytocin as you play along with your favorite furry friend. Sometimes, there are few things better in life!

2. For a Strong Bond, Talk to Your Dog and Tell Your Dog How You Feel

How do you show your dog you love them, you ask? The answer is relatively simple. Talk to them! As research shows, dogs tend to process language almost the same way as humans. From body language, like facial expressions, gestures, and movements to verbal language like word choice, tone of voice, and volume level, our language is carefully processed by dogs into their 'dog language.'

If you use baby talk with your dog, you can actually strengthen your bond and understanding.

However, be cautious. Dogs are very sensitive, and if what the dog's ear hears does not match the words you speak, you may confuse your pet.

For example, don't scold your dog in a saccharine voice or deliver positive reinforcement in a stern voice. If you're unsure if your communication is effective with your dog, check for reactions

Understanding Dogs' Body Language: From Baby Talk to Training Sessions

A satisfied, content, or otherwise happy dog will typically display common behaviors and body language. These behaviors may come in clusters and include:

  • Eye contact
  • Tail wagging
  • Ear perking
  • Eyebrow raising

Sometimes, your dog's ears may perk or eyebrows raise out of confusion. If you aren't effectively communicating, your pet may assume something inaccurate. For instance, dogs may think you're taking them out for a walk or to use the bathroom when you're just getting up to go to the fridge.

Try to remain aware of your facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice, word choice, voice volume, and more. Dogs often rely on first instinct, so if you accidentally communicate an emotion you're trying to hide, they may know.

How to Show Your Dog You Love Them on St. Valentine's Day - For a Strong Bond, Talk to Your Dog and Tell Your Dog How You Feel

3. Show Dogs Love Through Luxury Beds, Cozy Blankets, and Comfortable Crates

We, humans, love good sleep, but our dogs may love it even more. Your canine companions will adore these sumptuous, functional, and durable sleeping arrangements. Sit back and behold the change in dog body language as your pet curls up on a shaggy dog bed or drifts off to sleep on a velvet Soho mattress.

From ivory dog bed pods to suede cup beds and plaid Kuddler lounges, your pet will never lose sleep again! While you're at it, give your dog's bed a wash and dry so that your pup feels even more comfortable with its newfound fluffiness.

A Range of Luxury, Adaptive Beds and Sleeping Aids for Your Dog

Want to provide ample blankets, sheets, and covers for your dog? Help your dog understand the meaning of deep, restorative rest with all kinds of textures, materials, and decor elements.

Need plush crate mats and pads for when your dog or dogs need to be locked in for a while? Your dog will love their ultra-soft fleece, flannel, cashmere, faux fur, and Sherpa-lined accessories.

How to Show Your Dog You Love Them on St. Valentine's Day - A Range of Luxury, Adaptive Beds and Sleeping Aids for Your Dog

Whether pillows, small blankets, covers, sheets, mats, pads, or beds, the varieties are endless.

Dog Bed Styles Include:

  • Duvet
  • Orthopedic
  • Sofa/couch
  • Big dog
  • Lounge
  • Canopy
  • Sleeping bag
  • Outdoor
  • Donut
  • Bolster

    Whether you want a place to cuddle with your pet or a solitary spot where your dog can sleep on his or her own, you have many options.

    Turn your apartment or house into a loving home filled with affection, comfort, and safety. Cuddle up with your dog, watch a movie, or simply call it a night. No matter what you do, these dog beds and accessories tell your dog you care.

    4. Communicate Doggie Love Through Physical Touch & Interaction

    What dog doesn't love a good belly rub, pat, or scratch? Not only are these physical connections good for showing affection, but they can also relieve pain and provide mental stimulation. If you time your physical touches with commands, for example, you can reinforce certain desired behaviors.

    Done consistently and with simple adjustments, this can form neural networks in the brain of your dog that are important for appropriate functions.

    Whether you want to know how to show your dog you love them or simply want to establish certain boundaries and behaviors, there are many ways to communicate physically with your dog.

    The Importance of Reading Aloud with Your Dog

    Dogs love hearing our voices as much as kids do, so feel free to grab your favorite storybook, cuddle up with your dog, and let the education and affection flow. Provide different expressions and tones of voice to strengthen the connection.

    Look your dog in the eyes as well and be sure to reciprocate any positive gaze. Lean against your favorite furry friend as you do so, further intensifying the human-animal connection. Hey, they're called (hu)man's best friend for a reason!

    Feeling tired? Take a nap with your pet, give him or her a nice rub down, kiss 'em, or even better, stroke the ears. Teeming with nerves, a dog's ears are highly sensitive.

    Want the quickest way to a dog's heart? Take your two fingers and gently rub the top of the ears. This is a great way to show affection and love.

    5. Get Your Dog Some Delicious New Treats

    Dogs live to eat (surprise), so it's no wonder that their tags wag wildly when you come home with a fresh new offering of snacks. Whether bagged treats, boxed treats or specially ordered gourmet treats, a hearty selection of doggie goodies is never a bad idea.

    Of course, finding the right edibles for your dog is not always easy. Some dogs have health issues or sensitivities. Some are stubborn and picky.

    No matter the situation, you should always choose wholesome, clean, and yummy treats that your dog will love.

    How to Show Your Dog You Love Them on St. Valentine's Day - Get Your Dog Some Delicious New Treats

    The Perfect Edibles for ANY Dog

    What are you looking for? Do you want decorated cupcakes or pumpkin pie slice snacks? How about conveniently resealable bagged goodies like bacon biscuits or BBQ chicken pieces? Would your dog love some raspberry macarons or decadent brownie bites?

    If you're looking for the perfect variety of treats for any dog, you can't go wrong. At Bitch New York, our premier selection simply cannot be topped. Some of them look so good, you might be tempted to sample them yourself...

    Nothing says doggie affection like giving your dog some delicious morsels and a big rub and pet to boot! If you want to know how to show your dog you love them, this is the way.

    6. Let Your Dog Run FREE at the Dog Park and Great Outdoors!

    Finally, and most obviously, if you want to make your dog feel loved, let your dog be a dog! Exercise and fresh air are not only good for the animal's physical health and well-being but also do wonders for your pet's mental state.

    Not to mention, it may force you to get out and get some exercise.

    Dogs are pack animals, so let your four-legged compadre roam free and wild, or latch onto other pack animals for some quality playtime. If you want to break from the pack connection at your best friend's side, go for a walk around the block or take a deep walk into the wilderness with some hiking trails.

    Just be mindful of leash laws and don't forget to clean up after your furry friend!

    Getting your animal out and about is great, especially for certain fit, energetic breeds. Whether you're hitting the drive-thru at McDonald's with your pup in the backseat or heading to the park for some throw-and-fetch training, it's a great way to show love to your dog.

    This Valentine's Day, Show Love Like None Other

    For the finest in pet boutique items, for any reason, shop at Bitch New York today. We have all sorts of delightful treats to pamper your pupster this V-Day!

    And don't forget to sign up for the VIPuppy Rewards Program for EXCLUSIVE offers.

    Whether for grooming, dining, travel, home, apparel, sports, walking, or any other needs, show your dog the utmost love this February 14th.

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