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Bitch New York has searched far and wide to provide pet owners the finest collection of designer dog collars available. Our designer dog collars include leather collars, ribbon collars, studded or spiked collars, crystal collars, and even personalized dog collars. You will surely find a luxury dog collar that is ideal for every occasion.

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Boho Brown Leather Dog Collar

From $60.00 - $68.00

Boho Red Leather Dog Collar

From $60.00 - $68.00

Boho White Leather Dog Collar

From $60.00 - $68.00

Butterfly Brown Dog Collar

From $53.00 - $65.00

Butterfly Red Dog Collar

From $53.00 - $65.00

Carnelian Imperial Dog Collar

From $71.00 - $85.00

Cat Eye Imperial Dog Collar

From $71.00 - $85.00

Heart Pink Cat Eye Dog Collar

From $51.00 - $61.00

Hematite Pebble Dog Collar

From $69.00 - $79.00

Unique and Fashionable Dog Collars

There is no accessory more important and more essential to a dog’s way of life than a collar. Dog collars are both functional and fashionable; necessary for a morning walk and symbolic of your pup’s unique and playful nature. It is for this reason that Bitch New York offers you and your dog the finest collection of designer dog collars available today. If you’re tired of the boring pet store selection, it’s time to level up. Have an animal with an attitude? Make a statement with a studded or spiked dog collar or shower your pooch princess in crystals, pearls, and shiny hardware.

Poppin collars

Size matters

Most designer dog collars come with sizing guides to help you ensure the right fit. But not everyone knows how to measure their dog for proper sizing. In order to avoid pinching or slipping, getting the right size dog collar is very important.

A good rule of thumb is that a dog collar should be snug enough to fit just two fingers between the neck and collar. Many dog collars are adjustable for quick and easy re-fitting.

Comfort is key

Dog collars are meant to be seen and not felt. Choose a natural hemp dog collar for something ultra-light, yet strong. The material is also naturally hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial.

If your dog has a tendency to tug, an industrial-strength nylon webbing will keep them close without sacrificing comfort. Water-resistant and quick-dry material prevent chafing and other skin irritation. The cherry on top? These heavy-duty dog collars are available in countless beautiful bright colors.

If your dog struggles with a collar, you might need to take some tension away from the neck. Browse our large selection of dog harnesses to find just the right thing for your pup.

Keep it clean! 5 steps for washing dog collars and accessories.

It might be tempting to just toss a load of dog collars and accessories into the washing machine, but their items require special attention. Your dog’s things will receive plenty of wear and tear from afternoons playing at the park, so it’s up to the owner to take good care of them afterward.

Step 1: Read the care label. Dog collars, clothes, and accessories can be either machine or hand washed.

Step 2: Check for stains from dog food or mud. Use a stain remover or heavy-duty liquid detergent (free of perfumes) for washable fabrics such as collars and clothes. If necessary, use a soft-bristled brush to work the stain remover into the cloth.

Step 3: Use a mesh bag for your small items like collars. This will prevent extra snags and tangles and make it easier for you to collect all the small pieces after washing.

Step 4: Try to avoid detergents containing perfumes or dyes. These can irritate your dog’s skin. If you have problems with strong odors, soak the dog clothes and accessories in a solution of two quarts cold water and one cup of baking soda overnight. Then wash again normally the following day.

Step 5: Last, but certainly not least; it’s best to hang dry your dog’s clothes and accessories. Collars and other neckwear could shrink in the dryer and cause your dog discomfort and all kinds of frustration for the owner.

Featured products

Polyester Webbing Dog Collar With Personalized Buckle Spring Plaid Denim

Polyester Webbing Dog Collar With Personalized Buckle Spring Plaid Denim

Your dog will love this stylish yet classic collar like you love your favorite t-shirt. Tough polyester webbing is rot and moisture resistant, making it strong but sensitive, just like your furbaby. No need to put up with the annoying jingle or worry about losing tags any longer. Customizable side release buckles are laser engraved with your contact information. Made in the U.S.A. and machine washable for your convenience.

Polyester Webbing Dog Collar With Personalized Buckle Blue Boho Mandala

Polyester Webbing Dog Collar With Personalized Buckle Blue Boho Mandala

This psychedelic dog collar is great for the artist or musician, festival goer, or all-around fun-lover. Built for a life on the run, these collars are constructed from UV, Rot, Mildew, and Moisture resistant polyester webbing. No need to worry about those beautiful bright colors fading. State of the art dying processes permanently fuses the vibrant pattern with the fabric on both sides of the collar. This dog collar is light as a feather, durable, and smooth as silk to ensure ultimate comfort for your pup.

Ava Double Row Close Crystal Dog Collar

Ava Double Row Close Crystal Dog Collar

This is no collar for the common hound. Reserved for dogs who don’t mind a bit of pageantry now and again, this crystal dog collar is sure to drop the jaws of envious onlookers. Made from genuine leather and your choice of shades of the finest Swarovski crystals, this collar gleams like a Versailles chandelier. No need to worry about durability, however. Each crystal is individually riveted in place. Purchase the matching leash for the complete look.