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Dog Treat Jars

The best dog treat jar will keep any dog treats that you buy your furry friend, fresh and safe from pests. Since your treat jar is likely going to be sitting on your counter, you need to find one that is attractive and adds to your décor. We have ceramic, glass or metal treat jars for you to choose from. You can personalize a treat jar with your pet's name or just a fun saying. Match your treat jar to your Dog Bowl as well.
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Keeping treats on hand is essential for dog parents who are passionate about keeping their furry friends happy and healthy. Treats are a convenient and effective way to reward your pup for good behavior. If you’re in the process of training with treats or you just enjoy having a happy dog around, a unique treat jar should be the next thing on your list.

Vintage canning jar designs and beautiful hand-painted crockery will elevate the aesthetic of your puppy corner and keep those tasty morsels fresh for when you need them. A personalized dog treat container is convenient for keeping your furry friends and all their favorite snacks straight.

Throw them a bone

Dog Treat Jars

With everything from classic cookie jar crocks to hand-painted masterpieces, you’re sure to find a pet treat container that meets your needs. Gorgeous hand-thrown pottery and ceramic works of art flatter the high class hounds. Sturdy and food safe apothecary jars are just the right accessory for the crafty DIY homesteaders.

Dog Treat Canisters

Great for adding a touch of vintage class to your puppy supply collection, glass and metal dog treat canisters are both fashionable and functional. Glass treat canisters feature colorful decals and creative patterns. Glass lid and removable silicone gaskets create an airtight seal to keep treats fresh.

A metal dog treat tin with tight-fitting lid can contain up to 72 ounces of good boy goodies. Stylish aluminum canisters with witty messages will transport you and Fifi to a cafe in the streets of Paris. For the more down-to-earth doggos, rustic galvanized metal designs will have you and your dog feeling like a true farm family.

Dog Dinnerware

Worried about matching dog treat jars with your food and water bowls? Take all the stress of the situation with a matching dog dinnerware set. Lead-free earthenware is dishwasher and microwave safe and these handcrafted doggie treat jars come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes.

Tired of the same old colors dragging your space down all year? Choose a treat jar set offering two or more design series of accompanying hand-painted food and water bowls.

Personalized Dog Bowls and Dog Treat Jars

Finally, if you’re really looking to take things up a notch, pamper your pooch with something all their own. Personalized dog bowls and dog treat jars are great for showing your love and they’re handy when it comes to large families. If your pups are territorial at mealtime, personalized dog dishes can be a lifesaver when the dinner bell rings.

How about some dog birthday cake for dessert? Drop a piece in their specially-made bowl to make the big day even sweeter.

Featured products

Green Trellis Dog Treat Jar

Green Trellis Dog Treat Jar

The wallpaper-like geometric pattern and attractive green paint pops against the glossy ceramic, making this treat jar one attractive addition to your shelves. This design is available in two sizes so you can spoil your pup accordingly. The small jar 4.5” in diameter and 7" deep. The medium jar is 6" in diameter and 10" deep. Matching dog bowls are available!

Posh Pet Dog Treat Canister

Posh Pet Dog Treat Canister

The white and gold color scheme on this treat container flaunts a life of luxury and appreciation for the flashy things in life. Each treat canister is embossed with the word treats on the front in shiny gold paint. The white lid is topped with a gleaming gold paw print knob to remind you who’s boss. Don’t throw this one in the dishwasher with your pots and pans. Hand wash only to preserve fanciness and keep it food safe. Available as 36 oz or 60 oz containers.

Nautical Dog Treat Jar

Nautical Dog Treat Jar

This is an excellent choice for the salty dog! Chunky royal blue nautical ropes span this white ceramic dog treat jar. A painted blue dog bone on the lid makes for a cute handle. The small jar 4.5” in diameter and 7" deep. The medium is 6" in diameter and 10" deep. And before you ask; yes, the matching dog bowl is also available.