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Dog Gates

Who let the dogs out? Not us! For indoors or outdoors, in metal or wood, for big dogs or small dogs, mounted or freestanding, we have the perfect pet gate to keep your puppy safe no matter what.

Whether you want to keep your dog safely inside or you want to keep your dog out of specific areas, our gates will do the trick.

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Pressure Mounted Dog Gate Black

From $157.00 - $211.00

Pressure Mounted Dog Gate White

From $157.00 - $211.00

3 In 1 Metal Superyard Dog Gate

From $391.00 - $521.00

3 In 1 Wood Superyard Dog Gate

From $534.00 - $716.00

Convertible Elite Dog Gate

From $456.00 - $614.00

It’s well known that most dogs are lovers of adventure and often get their precious noses into places they shouldn’t be. If your dog has allergies or certain bad habits like drinking out of the toilet or getting rough with your couch pillows, these bad habits can be curbed with a dog gate. Whether your pup is cautious and snuggly, or adventurous and energetic, a dog gate is a must-have item in order to keep your pooch safe.

When can you use a Dog Gate?

Choosing a Gate

How Tall Should a Dog Gate be?

Whether small, medium or large, your dog deserves a gate best suited to its size. For smaller dogs, there’s no need to invest in a 4-foot, wall-bolted gate when something less than 2 feet and freestanding will suffice, unless, of course, you’ve got a master jumper with super strength! Medium dogs will do well with a gate that’s a bit taller, between 2 to 3 feet. Depending on the strength and willpower of your pooch, you’ll want to decide if a freestanding gate will do the trick. For large dogs, it’s best to invest in something taller that can either be wall-bolted or pressure-mounted.

Consider the Space

Your dog crate won’t be an obtrusive eyesore when shopping from Bitch New York. Consider where the gate will go and what colors and materials already exist in the room. With options from dark to light wood, painted, metal, or even a clear acrylic, there is something to compliment every room in your home.


To your dog, the definition of respect is being with you at all times, whether that’s in the bathroom, the kitchen, or acting as a trip hazard on the stairs.

But, as much as we love our pups, for their safety and ours, there are some places that are best left dog-free, at least part of the time. A dog gate is a perfect way to set up temporary boundaries so that everybody stays safe and happy.

Easy to install

Is your pup still learning? Then you’ll also want to choose a doggie door that’s easy to install and dismount, so no matter how many times you have to change your containment strategy around, it won’t take you half a day to figure out how to move your pup’s gate!

Lucky for you, our stylish gates are easy to install and most of them require no drilling.

Style of Dog Gates

Freestanding, pressure-mounted, or wall-mounted? Your go-to doggie gate style will depend on your needs and on what fits your home best.

A freestanding gate might be the best choice if you’re looking for something easy to maneuver and able to follow your puppy around. 

A pressure-mounted gate can be the ideal choice for a gate that will fit your home’s decor effortlessly, standing sturdy and beautiful but also being a practical barrier able to keep bigger dogs where they should be.

Finally, a wall-mounted dog gate makes for a more permanent fix, perfect for placing at the top of stairs, in hallways, or as a room divider.

Outdoor or Indoor Dog Gates

Need more than one barrier to keep your pup safe and sound? Then you might want to consider whether you might need a multipurpose dog gate to fit both the indoor and outdoor of your home.

These freestanding gates can be folded in any desired direction and are ideal for both backyards and interiors, and some styles can also function as a handy 4-panel or 6-panel playpen to momentarily confine your pooch during big family gatherings.


If you’re planning to travel around with your pup a lot, the best choice for you might be a travel-friendly, lightweight doggie door that cannot be mounted but instead folded for easy packing and storing.

Gate Latches

An important element to consider when choosing a gate is the latch. Taller dogs may be able to figure out how to push up certain types of latches using their nose. It’s best to get a gate where the latch is either just out of reach, or it’s too complicated to operate without thumbs.


Gates with AutoClose technology are the perfect solution for keeping even the most innovative pups in their designated area. Created with special magnet technology, these gates are guaranteed to close every time and a thumb is necessary to open them.

Top and Bottom Latches

Another solution for the adventurous pooch is a gate with double latch technology. This is a great alternative to the AutoClose technology if you have little ones running around that you still want to be able to open the gate, but might find the AutoClose magnet system a little stronger than they are.

Go Latchless

Gates without latches are designed with small dogs in mind. No latch is needed for this short design, as you are able to step over and move them at will.

What is the best dog gate?

Here are some of our favorites:

Auto-Close Pressure Mounted Dog Gate

This dog gate is the perfect addition for anyone on the go. With unique Magnet-Lock technology, you’ll never have to ask yourself if you remembered to close the dog gate. Its pup-proof design also ensures that even extra smart dogs won’t be able to figure out how to open it while you’re out of the house.

With no tools needed for its foolproof installation, this gate is an all-around winner for pup owners looking for a versatile, heavy-duty, and budget-friendly option. See it for yourself!

Citadel Series Pressure Mount Dog Gate

The Citadel Series gate is a beautiful addition to any home that will easily match any room with neutral tones. This gate is pressure-mounted, which means a quick and easy install and no tools necessary. Despite its easy installation, the pressure mount means that the gate is there to stay, even with the most boisterous of dogs.

Highlander Series Wood Gate

The Highlander Gate comes in a variety of wood and painted shades so it’s easy to match this classic and elegant piece with your room of choice. Handcrafted in the USA, this gate is perfect for blocking any uniquely shaped opening. With special hinges, you can create your own gate shapes and disassemble them to lay flat for transportation. If you’re constantly on the move or are looking for one gate to move around your home, the Highlander Series gate is the one for you.

A comfortable confinement solution for your pooch

Whatever your reason for putting up pup-proof barriers in your home and backyard, you’ll want to make sure your dog can feel comfortable and happy in its playpen or side of the house, so that the confinement won’t feel like a punishment!

You should always put down your pup’s favorite toys, blanket, and perhaps even a cozy doggie bed to keep them entertained and oh-so-comfy on the right side of their barrier, so they’ll always be excited to stay in and keep safe instead of looking for the most ingenious ways of jumping through.

Dog gates are a must-have for puppy house training and always useful to have on hand if you’re having guests around, so you’ll want to invest in high-quality, stylish, and durable gates and dog crates to last you a lifetime.

With Bitch New York, you don’t have to look far to find the perfect fit!

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