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Dog Beds

No matter what sleeping arrangements your dog is used to, our collection of designer dog beds will ensure that they have a good night’s sleep. You can find dog beds in different textures, colors, and materials that will be suitable for any type of décor. Luxury beds are available for both indoors and outdoors, making it easy to provide your pet with comfort wherever he spends his time snoozing. If you want to treat your pet like royalty, we at Bitch New York also sell custom-made Dog Houses that will be the ultimate place for your best friend to nap.
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Swaddle Dog Bed Custom

From $77.00 - $147.00

Sofa Dog Bed Chocolate Mink

From $165.00 - $225.00

Pod Dog Bed Pink

From $159.00 - $181.00

Pod Dog Bed Grey

From $159.00 - $181.00

Cupcake Dog Bed/Cover

From $42.00 - $102.00

Tiger Lily Dog Bed

From $363.00 - $383.00

Horizon Pillow Dog Bed Desert

From $96.00 - $216.00

Bali Microvelvet Piazza Dog Bed

From $173.00 - $257.00

Bali Microvelvet Dutchie Dog Bed

From $117.00 - $358.00

Lounge Dog Bed Custom

From $110.00 - $150.00

Pastel Dreams Dog Bed

From $219.00 - $228.00

Pod Dog Bed White

From $159.00 - $181.00

Snuggle Dog Bed Husky Grey

From $76.00 - $130.00

Here at Bitch New York, we believe that dogs are not just pets, they are part of the family. And because a lot of time is spent sleeping or lounging, we always want them to be super comfy. Since there are many types of beds, let’s take a look at what might be the best type of dog bed for your fur baby.

Different types of dog beds

There are lots of dog beds for you to choose from, so let’s talk about the benefits of each.

Pillow dog beds

Pillow dog beds

This type of dog bed is perfect for larger dogs or dogs that just like to sprawl out. And let’s face it. If your dog can’t sleep on your pillow, they can have a pillow of their own. These pillow beds are generally available in square, rectangle, oval and round shapes. An example of this type of bed is the Piazza Dog Bed.

Snuggle or Donut dog beds

Snuggle or Donut dog beds

This type of dog bed is perfect for small to medium sized dogs, unless your Great Dane is a great big baby. These beds have bolsters or sides that will envelope your pet, making them feel safe and comfy. For older dogs or pets that have mobility issues, there are donut dog beds that have only 3 sides. An example of this bed is this Microvelvet Dutchie Dog Bed.

Canopy dog beds

Canopy dog beds

This type of dog bed is great for your puppy dog who also happens to be a scaredy cat. The Canopy bed provides a perfect little doggie hide away from the commotion of the household. It can also be perfect on the patio to provide protection from the sun or wind. One example of a canopy bed is the Galaxy Dream Fur Canopy Dog Bed.

Sofa/Furniture dog beds

Sofa/Furniture dog beds

This type of dog bed is perfect for your little prince or princess, who is always looking for their throne. While you and your friends are having a spot of tea, your pet has the perfect vantage point to survey the festivities. All kidding aside, this type of bed can match your décor, blend in with your furniture and can sometimes be mistaken for anything other than a typical dog bed. A fabulous example of this type of bed would be the Yorkshire Dog Bed Grey.

There are many other types of beds for more specific needs, such as orthopedic beds, crate mattresses, and beds for travel.

How to pick the right dog bed for your fur baby

There are several factors that might come into play when choosing the right bed for your pet.

Dog’s Size

If you have a puppy that will ultimately be on the bigger size, choose a bed that will accommodate them when they are fully grown.

Floor space

Where in your house will this dog bed be placed and how much room is available.


Where you live might affect your choice in a dog bed. For example, if it’s generally cold or snowing during winter, a faux fur bed would be a great choice. In a warmer climate or even just for the summer, choose a more breathable material or even a mat would be great.

Your budget

Bitch New York has beds for every budget since a dog bed doesn’t have to break the bank, unless you want it to. In that case, we’ve got you covered there too!