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Dog Bathing Suits

Is your dog at the top of his/her fashion game? Don't forget a dog bikini or swim trunks for your pet's next vacation! Whether poolside, at the beach, or on the yacht, your pooch will look summer-ready in his or her very own dog bathing suit!

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It’s dog summer! Time to get your dog out and about and enjoy the sun, sand, surf, and water. And while you’re enjoying the day at the beach or by the pool with your dog, don’t forget to make sure they stay cool too. Make sure your dog is ready for a swim this season with our range of stylish bathing suits! We have a variety of dog bikinis available in different colors as well as lots of fun dog swim trunks which are perfect for those days when it might not be quite so hot.

Our range includes sizes S-XXL so we have something that will fit most dogs. Combine these with some pawsome dow sunglasses and you can turn any pup into a dog star.

Types Of Dog Bathing Suits

Dog bikinis are a fun way to make dog bathing a bit more stylish. We’ve got dog bikinis in pink and blue as well as dog bikinis with polka dot patterns and dog bikinis with bow details on the front.

How To Choose The Right Dog Bathing Suit?

When you’re choosing dog bathing suits for your dog it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which one is going to fit them properly. To help you with this we have a few tips on how to choose dog bathing suits that are comfortable and fashionable for both you and your dog!

Dog bikinis are a type of dog bathing suit that is very comfortable and easy for dogs to walk around in. These dog bathing suits usually have a soft lining inside them which stops them from cutting into your dog or chafing their skin when they’re wearing the bathing suit.

What are Dog Swim Trunks?

Dog Swim Trunks dog bathing suits that cover your dog’s legs and paws. This style of dog bathing suit is perfect for those days when it might be a bit cooler or you know your dog enjoys getting their paws wet!

Dog swim trunks dog bathing suits are great if you’re looking for a dog swimming wear that isn’t too restrictive and will still let your dog enjoy the water!

It Keeps Your Dog Warm In Cooler Waters!

When dog bathing in colder climates dog swim trunks can keep your dog warm without being too bulky and uncomfortable for them to wear. These dog bathing suits also stop sand from getting stuck to your dog’s fur when they walk around the beach!

Dog Swim Shorts are comfortable, practical, and stylish so you can enjoy the water with your dog no matter how cold the weather is.

These dog bathing suits are perfect for dogs that love to get wet and enjoy the water.

Whether you’re looking for dog bikinis, dog swim trunks or dog swim shorts, we have a variety of options available in different colors so your dog can look just like their favorite fashion icon!

When choosing a bathing suit it’s important to take into account factors such as size (S-XXL) and whether they are waterproof. If all this sounds overwhelming don't worry - our team of experts is ready to help you find the right fit with these stylish dog bathing suits today!

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