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Dog Strollers

Dog strollers are a smart solution for elderly dogs that struggle with mobility. One of our dog strollers from Bitch New York will make trips to the vet or park more manageable.

If your poor old doggy is struggling with mobility or your dog is injured, a dog stroller may be an excellent choice for you.

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A dog stroller isn't just for dogs with mobility issues. If you have a smaller breed of dogs such as Papillon or ShitZu, a stroller is a great way to protect them from extreme weather.

A stroller can also help you take your dog for much longer or multi-terrain walks.

Who Needs a Dog Stroller?

Many dogs and their owners can benefit from a dog stroller. You should consider a dog stroller if you have:

  • Elderly dogs that are unable to walk and play due to immobility.
  • Dogs recovering from surgery.
  • Dogs with an illness or injury.
  • Brachycephalic breeds such as Pekingese, Boston Terriers, Bullmastiff, and others.
  • Small puppies that get tired quickly.
  • Smaller dogs that may not be safe around big crowds of people.

How to Choose the Right Dog Stroller

You will need to first consider the size of your dog and how you plan to use the stroller. 

If you’re living in an urban area with good sidewalks and road crossings, a light stroller will be suitable enough.

Those living in rural areas that wish to take their dogs down country roads or off-road, you will need a stroller built for multi-terrain.

If you're a single doggy parent, you should consider an easy to fold stroller. This way, you won't have problems when you're out and about trying to set up the stroller and keep control of your pooch.

How to Get Your Dog Used to A Stroller

Your pooch may not like her new stroller straight away. Patience and practice are critical to the success of using a dog stroller.

You will want to give her treats each time she sits nicely in her stroller. Always ensure she is secure using the leash clips provided or belt. She won't like her stroller if she is bouncing around inside and feels uncomfortable.

Start slowly with short distances at first. You want to make sure she gets used to her stroller. Avoid taking her for long walks at the beginning. Try short walks down your street or another outside area she is familiar with.

As she becomes more accustomed to the stroller, gradually increase the length of your walks. You can then introduce her to settings that have more distractions. Each time, she will become more relaxed in her stroller.

Top Picks for Dog Strollers at Bitch New York

Here is a selection of our favorite dog strollers for every type of dog and your needs.

Travel Lite Dog Stroller

Simple but effective. The Travel Lite dog stroller is perfect for small breed dogs and short easy walks around the neighborhood or local park.

The Travel Lite is a quick fold but durable stroller. Perfect for those who walk their dogs alone or struggle with mobility themselves. It comes with a waterproof tray, front entry, top window, viewing area, and safety brakes. No assembly required!

Pet Rover Prime 3-in-1 Dog Stroller

This simple but durable stroller is perfect for older dogs. There is lots of comfortable space and even two safety belts.

This stroller comes with an easily detachable dog carrier. This way, you can leave the stroller aside and take her in to the vet or other places with ease.

The Pet Rover Prime comes with suspension for comfortable strolling, is waterproof, and is made with dirt-repellent fabric. This is the ultimate doggy stroller!

Happy Trails Stroller

If you enjoy long walks in the park or multi-terrain areas, the Happy Trails is the perfect dog stroller. It's built to take on rough and uneven ground without compromising your dog's comfort or safety.

This stroller comes with some extra storage that may be required for longer walks. It has a large storage basket perfect for safely storing your cell phone, keys, doggy treats, and water.

The featured panoramic view allows your pooch to take in the beautiful sights along your adventure together. Happy walking!

No-Zip Double Dog Stroller

If you have multiple dogs you need to transport, then look no further! The no-zip double dog stroller is revolutionary, allowing safe and secure strolling for one or two dogs.

The main compartment is comfortable and spacious. No-Zip technology allows you to move your pooches in and out of the stroller with ease.

The top cover can roll back at any time allowing your dogs to perch their paws on the front bar and look around. Each dog can be securely fastened to the inside of the stroller, so there is no risk of them escaping.

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