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Dog Shirts

Our beautiful pooches come in all shapes and sizes, but more importantly, all sorts of personalities. Whether your dog is a little diva chihuahua or a big surly bulldog, there are dog shirts for them all at Bitch New York.

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Our doggie companions are part of our family and dressing them up in a nice dog shirt can be fun. Your dog will definitely enjoy the extra attention they receive the next time they’re on a walk. Some smaller breeds also struggle to regulate the temperature of their bodies and can get pretty cold during the cooler months. Dog shirts can help them keep warm and comfortable while you’re out and about together.

Before buying any dog shirts, it’s worth considering the following:

The Right Fit

The first thing you need to do before buying your pup a nice new shirt is to check their size. You don’t want them to feel restricted in any way. It’s important that they can still see, hear, and go about their business with ease.

You will find with all of our shirt products a helpful size guide to help you figure out the correct size for your dog.


Always look to buy premium materials that are soft, stretchy, and comfortable.

If you’re buying a shirt to keep your pooch warm in the cold weather, it’s best to find a dog shirt made from insulating but breathable fabric. While you don’t want your pup to get cold, you don’t want them to get too hot either.

If you live in a particularly cold part of the world you may want to consider a premium quality fleece shirt. This will help them keep warm so they can enjoy the cold weather and snow.


It’s worth considering buying a fabric that is machine washable for ease of cleaning. This makes your life easier when keeping your dog’s clothes clean and ensuring that your pup is happy in their fresh new gear.

You want to also consider any features that may irritate your pooch including zippers, tassels, ribbons, and buttons. Your pup may not appreciate these features.

Dog Shirts - Featured Products

New Puppy

You just got your beautiful new puppy and you want to wrap him or her up in something cute and cozy. This premium quality Baby Bear dog tee is handmade from lightweight and soft fabric and looks absolutely adorable!

Surfs Up!

Heading to the beach? Then grab your Hawaiian shirt, dude! This beautiful shirt is 100% cotton and will get your pooch all the attention he deserves down on the promenade. It’s also ultra-lightweight and breathable so doggy won’t get hot or uncomfortable chasing volleyballs in the sand.

Snow Dog

Winter is creeping in, the clouds are turning grey and snow might just fall. Make sure your pooch is well prepared for the cold conditions in this ultra-comfy and warm fleece shirt with a hood. The shirt has a beautiful crest on the back to show off to all their doggy friends in the park.

Customized Dog

If you have a particular shirt you want specially created for your dog, please share your ideas with us. We’re always happy to assist you in creating the perfect clothing for your dog. If you don’t see a particular size or color you want, send us an email.

For the princes and princesses of the animal kingdom, we proudly present to you what we believe represents the very best of what is available in designer dog shirts.

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