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What do you mean I'm not allowed in that room?  I only went to the bathroom on that rug once...and in my defense, it IS green...  Use one of the many dog gates we have to decide when they are allowed to join the party and when a little caution needs to be used.  When they are allowed anywhere and everywhere, furniture included, try some dog stairs, especially for our little vertically challenged or senior pups.
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Backyard Dog Outdoor Dog Gate

From $225.00 - $368.00

3 In 1 Metal Superyard Dog Gate

From $391.00 - $531.00

3 In 1 Wood Superyard Dog Gate

From $491.00 - $679.00

Convertible Elite Dog Gate

From $366.00 - $509.00

Freestanding Tall Dog Gate White

From $264.00 - $315.00

Libro Pressure Mount Dog Gate

From $192.00 - $323.00