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Need a faux fur dog coat to keep your pup warm in the winter? How about fleece lined dog coats to take the chill out of the air for a stroll on a Spring eve? What about a dog raincoat to keep your pet dry on rainy days? Well, you have come to the right place. Whatever the season, you will find the perfect designer dog coats for your best friend.
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Furry Runner Dog Coat Pink

From $63.00 - $74.00

Pocket Dog Parka Pink

From $48.00 - $54.00

The Duke Dog Coat

From $61.00 - $66.00

Mountaineer II Dog Coat

From $87.00 - $92.00

Sweet Winter Dog Coat

From $47.00 - $57.00

Teton Dog Coat

From $107.00 - $135.00

Pioneer Dog Harness Coat

From $101.00 - $107.00

Swiss Alpine Dog Jacket Brown

From $32.00 - $40.00

Vintage Bomber Dog Jacket

From $43.00 - $55.00

Pocket Dog Parka Black

From $48.00 - $54.00

Pocket Dog Parka Brown

From $48.00 - $54.00

Mallory Dog Harness Coat

From $107.00 - $113.00

Why your dog needs a coat

Why your dog needs a coat

Pet life have fur to help keep themselves warm during the cold season, but it’s not enough, especially when the temperature drops to 1°C or 35°F, which can bring potential risks to their health.

What more if the temperature goes down even further to -17°C or 0°F? This is potentially life-threatening, and you must do all that it takes to keep your dog warm. Hence, the need for a quality dog coat.

Dog-coats are not just mere fashion statement for your pooch; these coats are necessary for most dog breeds, especially in extreme cold weather conditions.

Here are 4 major reasons why your dog needs a coat:

The Dog’s Breed & Size

Just like humans, pet life have different levels of cold temperature tolerance, but the bottom line is—they still get cold no matter how thick and long their skin and fur are. However, this level of tolerance is often determined by a dog’s breed and size.

Large dogs with long and thick hair rarely need the extra warmth that a dog coat provides. On the other hand, smaller dogs with short hair and relatively thin undercoat would love the extra warmth from a coat.

Tiny breeds or slender dogs need the warmest dog coats you can find. That's because more than any other breeds, they can rarely handle extreme cold, especially during harsh winter conditions.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Dogs can handle typical cold weather conditions. However, extreme cold can kick in, especially at the peak of wintertime.

So, as the cold months approach, it’s best to stand prepared by getting some warm clothing for your beloved pets.

Motivation for Exercise

Motivation is the second primary reason why coats for dogs exist. In a way, these coats help encourage your dog to go out for the sake of exercise or to answer the call of nature.

As some dog owners observed, most dogs hate stepping outside in the cold, which compromises their time for exercise. And, keeping them warm with a coat helps them conquer the chilly weather and motivates them to do whatever business they used to do outside during summertime.

The Dog’s Age

Just like you, as your dog ages, their ability or tolerance to handle cold weather may lessen. Always remember that dogs, unlike humans, can’t speak when they’re cold… and unlike birds, they can’t simply migrate to avoid harsh winter conditions.

So, it is your responsibility as owner to provide resources, such as warm luxury dog coats. These will keep your dog cozy during cold weather, especially if you have a young pup or a senior dog.

Featured products

Featured products

Puppy Cakes Dog Coat

If you love pink dog coats, your pooch will look fabulous with this fuchsia pink colored item, all the while keeping her cozy and snuggled. It also has a D-ring that makes the leash access so convenient. Plus, the snap front closure makes this dog jacket even more safe and durable.

Protect your dog from rain in rainy days and snow with this comfortable yet stylish high end dog coat. Check out the size that will best suit your pet.

Sleeveless Glamour Dog Coat

Do you want your girl to look like a luxury model while keeping her warm? Check out this trendy dog coat with velvet pink interior and powder pink fun fur exterior. Plus, who could resist that adorable satin ribbon tie and pink rhinestone flower brooch? Bet no one can.

With this fashionable coat, no cold weather can ever stop you from showing how lit and fab your dog is.

Camper Vest Red and Black Dog Jacket

This tri-color designer dog coat is perfect for the rainy season because of its water-resistant feature and high collar design that can effectively keep your dog warm.

It is also super easy to put on your dog because of its vertical velcro closure. Plus, the leash hole on this stylish dog jacket makes it easier to walk your pet.

Pocket Dog Parka Green

This dog parka is the ultimate coat comes winter season—it is water-resistant and the faux fur on the hood will surely keep your dog warm. Plus, check out its sweater collar custom made for dogs!

The velcro closure will make dressing up convenient, and there is a leash hole and a removable cutie pocket for your dog’s pennies (if there is such a thing).

Swiss Alpine Dog Jacket

Planning to ski with your dog this winter? This designer ski vest for dogs is a perfect choice for your dog! Not actually into skiing? No problem, the hood with faux fur is detachable.

So, you can just keep your pet warm using this dog vest that features a thick and water-resistant outer shell. It’s easily washable too!

Pro tips

Pro tips

The Coziest Bed for Dogs This Winter!

Chihuahuas would loved the goodies they will receive from St. George Pets. They have the softest dog bed made out of faux fur which can be so effective in keeping your dogs warm as they sleep through the winter nights. Click here to see how awesome the bed is!

Coats Are Not Enough!

Winter season comes with blizzards. So, ensure that you and your dog are prepared to keep warm during extreme weather conditions. Yes, coat for dogs would not be enough. See this checklist of Blizzard Busters, the most needed winter gear for dogs.

Easy Home-Made Remedies for Dogs

Is your dog having problems with digestion? Does your dog often have joint health issues? How about hot spots or too much flees(hot spots or fleas)? Check out these 3 natural remedies for dogs that you might have at home.