Colder Weather Tips for your Pet

With the cooler weather upon us, let's talk about a few tips to keep your fur babies warm and cozy!

1. Just as with the heat and the warnings of leaving your pet in the car, the same goes for cold weather. Your car can become much like a refrigerator, so let's just say, leaving your pup in the car at any time, well, just not a good idea!

2.  Not to mention leaving them outside for any amount of time. Inside is the place to be for your pets when it gets colder.

3.  If it gets really cold where you are, make sure your dog gets plenty of water. Trying to stay warm will take up a lot of energy, so they need to stay hydrated...and a little extra food couldn't hurt.

4.  Stop giving fabulous haircuts to your pup during the colder months. They have that fur for a reason and it usually works as their very own heating and cooling system.

5.  If you have a shorthaired dog, they may be much more comfortable and cozy with a dog sweater or dog coat when they need to go outside.

6.  How about a new dog bed or dog blanket, away from any drafts, to give your pup a special place to snuggle up. Don't forget that any of your neighborhood shelters could really use old towels, blankets, etc. to keep all of their inhabitants warm and cozy as well.

Keeping these tips in mind during the next few months will keep your pets happy and healthy and ready to celebrate the holiday season with you!

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