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Dog Raincoats

Growing tired of the lingering wet dog smell haunting your household? Can’t afford to keep throwing money away on ineffective air fresheners? One solution for a smelly dog is a bath, but bathing too often can be harmful to your dog’s skin and fur, even if you’re using a gentle shampoo.

If you are looking for an effective way to keep your dog smelling fresh while avoiding the extra costs and time associated with frequent baths and grooming, add a super cute doggie accessory to their wardrobe with a brand new dog raincoat from Bitch New York.

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Wilderness Dog Coat

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Bowhaus Dog Trenchcoat

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Why Your Dog Needs a Raincoat

Sometimes being outside in the rain simply can’t be avoided. Most dogs depend on a walk to do their business, whether it’s number one or number two. This means a quick dash out into the backyard and back probably won’t cut it, which could result in an indoor accident later on! Let’s face it, no one likes being rushed in that situation.

Dogs also need plenty of exercise and sometimes the weather won’t hold out long enough for you to wait for the sun to come out. A dog raincoat allows both you and your pup to prepare for the weather so your four-legged friend can get their wiggles out.

With a dog raincoat, your pup will be free to exercise and do their business without the concern of a brand new splattering of rainwater in the entryway when they’re finished. Your dog will appreciate the extra protection and warmth, and you will appreciate how much longer your home remains clean during the rainy season.

Things to Consider


Your dog raincoat should fit your dog with slightly more room than other dog clothing to allow the water to run off the fabric, but not so much that they could trip or get caught up in it. You also want it to allow some space for your dog to release body heat, especially if you’re taking them on a walk or to the park. The waterproof and water-resistant fabrics used to make dog raincoats can trap heat, so some breathing room is an important factor.

Most of our dog raincoats range in size from extra small to extra large, giving you plenty of options to select the right fit. Just to be sure, you should check each item’s size chart as the sizes can vary between designers.


As mentioned above, the materials used to make raincoats and dog raincoats are notorious for trapping heat and moisture inside, which quickly becomes uncomfortable. Luckily, advanced technology in fabrics and materials can help you avoid this. Many of the dog raincoats we offer have a cotton/polyester blend lining for quick-drying and breathability while in use. It also makes for easy washing and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


Safety first! Visibility is such an important factor to consider when purchasing a dog raincoat. As you know, it gets much more difficult to see once the rain begins to fall. The skies darken, the roads become slippery, and drivers are not always the most responsible when it comes to adjusting to these conditions. If you’re taking your pup out on a walk in the rain, you should look for a dog raincoat with high-visibility features like bright colors and reflective trim.

Featured Products

Duck Dog Raincoat

Duck Dog Raincoat The iconic duck style raincoat complete with duckbill is now available for your dog! This completely waterproof dog raincoat dog comes with an adorably detailed duck hood. It’s easy to put on and take off thanks to Velcro attachments and it comes with front chest coverage to help you avoid splatters while you’re out and about.

Raining Day Safer Pink Dog Raincoat

Raining Day Safer Pink Dog Raincoat This designer dog raincoat fits really well, covering both top and bottom with the help of extra handy Velcro straps on the side. Reflector lines make it extra safe to wear during stormy skies or at night and the ingenious leash hole keeps your dog’s harness and collar protected from the rain.

Bespoke Reversible Dog Coat Sherlock Holmes

Bespoke Reversible Dog Coat Sherlock Holmes A nod to the sporty elegance of Britain and the slow-moving life of the English countryside, this fashionable dog raincoat allows you to choose from a Sherlock Holmes houndstooth pattern or a navy blue waterproof fabric, depending on the day and occasion. The internal padding is made of ultra-light technical fiber for superior thermal insulation and breathability. The closures are buttons covered in leather and the belly band protects the underside from puddles. Made in Italy!