Bagged Dog Treats

Have you ever left out a bag of chips, and come back to them the next day, the bag is still open, and your beloved chips are stale (almost like eating Styrofoam)? Maybe you have done that with another delectable item you wanted to devour, but you can’t eat it because it was left out in the open. This is precisely the reason why your dog treats should come bagged. Now, this is not the only reason. As humans, we can choose when we want to have a snack and how much of that snack, we “should” eat. Dogs, however, would love a chance to get into their treats and eat their entire supply at once! Many dog treats are bagged so that they can easily be closed and resealed conveniently until the next snack session occurs… on your terms and not theirs. It will also help keep the treats soft or crunchy, as well as tasty. On more serious terms, keeping bagged dog treats will maintain the products’ nutritional value and keeps information handy in case there’s a problem. Belly aches are no fun, and we wouldn’t want our furry friends to have to deal with one – you’ll want to make sure you store them out of reach on a countertop (if Fido can’t reach up there) or in a cabinet in a cool, dry place so we don’t end up with an upset puppy tummy. To sum it up, bagged dog treats are definitely a good choice for any pet owner. Stale-free.