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Ready for your next big road trip? We bet your pup has been thinking of nothing else lately! Whether you love traveling or like bringing your pooch along with you on a hike or a beach trip, a puppy-proof, specially-designed dog car seat or dog car harness is fundamental for keeping your pup safe.

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Comfort Dog Car Seat Grey/Mint

From $210.00 - $235.00

Comfort Dog Car Seat Grey/Salmon

From $210.00 - $235.00

Lumberjack Dog Car Seat

From $221.00 - $250.00

Console Dog Car Seat Denim

From $72.00 - $116.00

Lookout I Dog Car Seat Denim

From $114.00 - $170.00

Lookout II Dog Car Seat Denim

From $122.00 - $217.00

These dog car seats provide a designated place for your pet to enjoy life on the road safely. If you’re dealing with a pup who just can’t get enough of the sights, you can also get your hands on a dog booster seat perfect for small and medium-sized pooches. To make road tripping even more convenient for both of you, some portable car seats can also double as a dog carrier, so you can take your pup out and treat them like the royalty they truly are!

Why does your Dog need a Car Seat?

There’s nothing more American than the classic summertime road trip. Load up the kids and the family dog, crank up the tunes, break out the snacks, and then hit the open road.

When it comes to our furry companions, however, long rides in the car can easily wear them out and quickly make them restless or even anxious. In the long run, this might lead to unsafe behaviors like jumping into the driver’s lap or hanging out of the window.

Making sure that everyone in the car is wearing a seat belt is one of the first lessons you are taught in driving school. Similarly, you should also make sure your pets are just as safe and secure! Using a dog car safety seat is the best way to ensure they are protected every time they go on a ride, whether you’re going to your favorite puppy park or visiting family across the state.

If you’re still doubtful, here are four major reasons why you should strap your pets into a car seat before you get behind the wheel:

Dangerous projectiles

While we definitely don’t like to think about anything bad happening to our pups, conscious dog owners should keep in mind that letting their pets roam free in the backseat of a car can lead to dangerous consequences.

According to Melanie Monteiro, a dog safety coach and author of “The Safe Dog Handbook: A Complete Guide to Protecting Your Pooch Indoors & Out”, a 10-pound unrestrained dog can generate as much as 500 pounds of projectile force in the event of a 50-mph car crash. Securing them properly in their own car seat reduces their ability to move keeping them firmly in place in the event of an accident!

Changing laws

According to the American Automobile Association, more than 43 million households in the US have pets, and more than 80% of owners travel on the road without properly restraining their fur babies first.

To ensure everyone’s safety on the road, more states are beginning to take precautions. Places such as Connecticut and Hawaii are signing laws against driving with dogs on your lap, and states like New Jersey and Rhode Island now require owners to secure their pets before driving.

Dog distractions

Based on a study co-sponsored by AAA and Kurgo, over 65% of dog owners engage in distracted driving behavior because their pets are untethered and roaming freely in the backseat. This causes the driver to take their eyes off the road, which can lead to accidents and injuries!

By restraining your pets in their own travel seats, you can be assured that they’re staying safe and secure, giving you peace of mind and letting you focus on the road the way you should.

Tether and collar injuries

While you might follow your first instincts and use restraints such as leashes and collars to keep your doggie safe on the road, this has been proven to be incredibly dangerous for your pet’s health.

Using these types of tethers can potentially choke or injure them if you come to a sudden stop. To ensure their utmost safety and comfort, it’s always best to put them in a specially designed portable car seat just behind or beside you.

How do you choose the best car seat for your dogs?

There are many car seats you can buy on the market today, but in order to choose the best one for your pet, it’s recommended you keep these general guidelines in mind:


Keeping your pet safe and secure during car rides should be one of your main priorities as a pet owner. Make sure that your doggie car seat of choice is equipped with sturdy, yet comfy belts and harnesses that keep your pooch really well restrained.

You should also make sure that the car seat is the right fit for your car type and installed properly. That way you won’t have to worry about it dislodging when you make a sudden stop.

Size and Comfort

Most dogs enjoy a good road trip, but there is still the possibility that they will experience motion sickness or general anxiety. If you plan to bring your pets along with you, make sure that they are as comfortable as possible by providing them with a car seat equipped with soft lining and fit for their size.


When buying a dog car seat, you must also think about how you will clean it afterward. Is the material easy to scrub? Can you remove the inner lining and padding with no problems? Does the car seat have other features that might be hard to clean?

Make sure your doggie seat will be easy enough to take care of. That way you won’t have to take an entire day off your trip to clean!

Travel Style

Finally, make sure you’re considering your general travel style and habits.

If you like going on long road trips, you should consider going for a sturdier, portable car seat that can easily be stored when you’re not using it. If you’re more likely to go for short rides to the dog park or the vet, on the other hand, you can instead opt for a more permanent car seat that will match  your car’s interior with beautiful handcrafted designs.

What are the Best Car Seats for Dogs?

Luxury High Back Console Dog Car Seat in Palmer Dove

Let your pets sit in the front with you--even if you have another person sitting shotgun--with this Luxury Highback Console dog car seat! Easy to clean, safe, and durable, this incredible doggie seat allows you to drive comfortably without worrying about your pet getting into any mischief.

This dog car seat comes in a large size (for dogs up to 12 lbs) and an X-large size (for larger dogs up to 20 lbs).

Lookout II Dog Car Seat in Quilted Khaki

With its sherpa interior, safety harnesses, and built-in storage tray at the bottom, this Lookout II dog car seat is perfect for the dog on-the-go. It also comes in three sizes: Small for pets up to 18 lbs, medium for pets up to 25 lbs, and large for fur babies up to 34 lbs.

Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat in Jaguar

If you want an extra safe and hyper-secure solution, check out this Bucket Booster dog car seat. It is a raised seat that can easily be attached to any car’s seat belt system. It also comes with four tethers to keep your pets as safe and snug as they can be. This seat also comes with a removable pillow for extra comfort, as well as with a detachable interior pad and cover for fuss-free cleaning.

UFO Driving Kit Dog Car Seat

Ever had a trip so out-of-this-world amazing that it felt fully extraterrestrial? Well, your furry friend will definitely get that same experience with this UFO Driving Kit dog car seat. Perfect for adding a dash of fun to your road trip in the most fashionable way, this meticulously hand-designed dog car seat is all you need to keep your pup comfortable and safe throughout any adventure. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the UFO collection to complete the look!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Car Seats

What’s the Safest way for a Dog to Travel in a Car?

Making sure your pup is properly restrained is hands-down the safest way for them to travel in the car with you. Use a handy harness or doggie seat belt on top of investing in a high-quality safety seat, and have them sit on their own instead of in your lap.

If you need to ease their anxiety or restlessness, make sure to pack their favorite treats and toys! While giving them treats as you’re driving is generally considered unsafe due to the choking risk, you can definitely use them as a reward and encouragement right before and after your drive.

Do Dogs Need Car Seats?

Due to the high possibility of serious injuries while on the road, your pup does absolutely need a safety seat and proper restraints when cruising around with you.

Just like you wouldn’t let other passengers sit in a moving car without seat belts on, you should make sure your pup is strapped in comfortably and securely before going anywhere!

Can you put a dog in a Baby Car Seat?

While any form of restraint is better than none, buying a car seat and harness that is specifically designed for dogs is the recommended route. That’s because ensuring a tight, secure, yet comfortable fit is essential to the restraint working as intended.

An ill-fitted car seat and harness won’t protect your furry beloved in the case of an accident or sudden stop!

Do Dog Car Seats help with Car Sickness?

If your pup is prone to car sickness, you should first make sure to feed them long before your drive (generally at least 4 hours prior) and ensure their harness and seat are fitted properly. The more anchored they are, the less motion sickness they are likely to feel!

On top of that, you should also try to keep the inside of your car as cool as it can be, remember to leave the windows open a crack, and spray a soothing and calming dog-friendly fragrance to ease their discomfort.

Pup-proof car seats, travel bags, and more for a pooch on the go!

Whether you’re looking for a doggie car seat for complete peace of mind or for a fashionable travel bag for your pup’s toys and blankets for when you head out on the road, you’re guaranteed to find your next favorite at Bitch New York.

Browse our full collection or get in touch to learn more about all the latest and most popular styles in the doggie fashion world!

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