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Dog Scarves

Whether you’re looking for a cute spring accessory or practical winter wear to keep your pup warm, a dog scarf is the perfect option!

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Buffalo Plaid Dog Scarf

From $25.00 - $27.00

Fair Isle Snowflake Dog Scarf

From $25.00 - $27.00

Pink Hearts Dog Hat And Scarf

From $28.00 - $30.00

Red Holiday Dog Hat And Scarf

From $28.00 - $30.00

Reindeer Dog Hat And Scarf

From $28.00 - $30.00

Luxurious Fur Dog Cape Pink

From $31.00 - $33.00

Luxurious Fur Dog Cape Red

From $31.00 - $57.00

With options that are ideal for the coldest days to giving protection against a light breeze, with the options available you’ll find something for every season.

Style and Substance

The wide variety of scarves available through Bitch New York ensures that you’ll be able to find a scarf that is not only the perfect addition to your dog’s ensemble but one that is practical as well.

The scarves available fall into three main categories: holiday, special event, and day wear.

Those that fall into the holiday category are especially suited to the winter months as they feature charming winter scenes. While some scarves look as comfortable as if grandma knit them herself, others are straight off the runway. Even if your dog isn’t headed to a holiday party this year, they need a holiday scarf to spread the cheer and stay warm.

The second category is special events. These are scarves that might not be as practical for everyday usage because of their luxurious faux fur. Even though they’re not particularly suited for a walk in the park, they’re perfect for your puppy’s debut.

The final category is scarves that are ideal for everyday wear. These are scarves that are machine washable and that your dog can still play in while on the go. Bitch New York offers a large selection including a few hats and scarf combos!

Size Matters

Choosing the correct scarf size for your dog is of the utmost importance. You don’t want your pooch to trip over their scarf, but you also don’t want it to be so small that it’s uncomfortable or doesn’t perform its best.

Most scarves available through Bitch New York come in multiple sizes so you can pick the perfect fit for your furry friend. Be sure to refer to the specific size chart available with each scarf.

Featured Products

With so many fabulous dog scarf options to choose from, it can feel a little overwhelming! Check out our recommendations.

Faux Fur Scarf in Navy

If you’re looking for a show stopper of a piece, you can’t go wrong with this faux fur scarf.

Perfect for a night out, a fashionable party, or a dressed up dinner party, this scarf will have your pooch looking like the star of the evening! You can even choose whether you want a crystal added to the bow for a little extra bling.

Ginger Boy Dog Scarf

If you’re looking for a festive addition to your dog’s wardrobe, the Ginger Boy dog scarf might be the perfect option. Easy to put on and stay on with soft inner lining and plaid outer, your dog will feel comfortable and cozy in this adorable scarf.

The scarf is available in three sizes and features a happy gingerbread man on one end.

Snowflake Dog Hat and Scarf

If you’re looking for an option that can be worn all winter long, the Snowflake dog hat and scarf combo can’t be beaten. The adorable red white and black combo looks perfect with any fur color and is available in three sizes.

The hat features side openings for your pooch’s ears and a convenient loop to secure the scarf. The combo can also be machine washed and dried!

How to Put a Scarf On Your Pooch

When putting a new scarf on your dog, make sure to introduce it to them first. Some dogs might become nervous if they have never worn a scarf before, so having them wear it around the house before going out in it can make your pooch more comfortable.

Allowing your dog to become acclimated to the smell is also a great way to have them become more comfortable. Wear the scarf yourself for a few hours or add it to a pile of clean laundry so new and potentially intimidating smells are replaced by comforting and familiar smells.

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