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Dog Steps

Whether your pet is too small to make it up to the bed or your elderly pet needs a little more help to get to the couch, you can find dog stairs that are perfect for your situation. Choose a set of dog steps designed specifically to accommodate your pet’s size and weight. Foam steps are lighter and easier to move from place to place, while carpeted wooden stairs will provide more stability and have a wider variety of sizes.

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Caffe Latte Dog Steps

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Electro Pony Dog Steps

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Polly Dog Steps

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Luxury Dog Stairs Duchess

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Luxury Dog Stairs Duke

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Luxury Dog Stairs Black Diamond

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Luxury Dog Stairs Classy Ivory

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Luxury Dog Stairs Dove Grey

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Luxury Dog Stairs Red Mahogany

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Dog Stairs

Is your little Fifi getting too big to carry up onto the bed with you? Maybe Fido isn’t the young pup he once was and can no longer hop up onto the couch to watch your favorite show together. Whatever the case, you’ll find that dog stairs are the perfect mobility solution for your furry friends.

No need to worry about an eyesore in the living room. Our various designer dog steps come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and even textures, so you are sure to find something that complements and even elevates your space.

Of course, it’s not all about appearances. You’ll have the option to choose a set of dog stairs to accommodate your dog’s size and weight. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to move around the house, carpeted foam steps are the choice for you. If stability and durability are your primary concerns, consider a heavier set made from solid wood.

Does Your Dog Need Dog Stairs?

Anyone with a dog knows that their favorite place to be is right by your side, pretty much all the time. That means accompanying you on the sofa, taking an afternoon nap by your side in bed, and especially riding along with you in the car. For young and athletic dogs, it’s no obstacle to hop onto the couch, bed, or into the car. As dogs get older, however, it’s common for them to suffer from arthritis and joint pain. For senior dogs, what were once simple tasks are no longer easy.

If you begin to notice your dog’s regularly failed attempts at getting up onto or down from furniture and you’re tired of bending down to constantly give them a lift as you move around your house, it might be time to invest in a set of dog steps. Dog stairs not only make it easier for your dog to move around the house or into the car, but they also relieve some of the stress on their joints caused by hopping on and off of furniture or in and out of the car.

What Type of Dogs Need Dog Stairs?

Dog stairs can be convenient for any type of dog, but a set of dog steps is especially important if you have a senior dog, arthritic dog, a dog recovering from injury or surgery, a small breed dog, or a puppy.

Senior Dogs

Older dogs' joints get weaker as they age just like ours and they experience plenty of wear and tear during playtime, especially during their younger years. Dog stairs provide your senior dog with a much-needed and very much appreciated boost onto their favorite furniture, into the car, or into bed for snuggles.

Arthritic Dogs

For dogs with arthritis, even small movements can cause pain, cause harm to joints, and tasks that were once simple ultimately become impossible as their condition worsens. While there might not be much you can do for your dog to ease their pain medically, a set of cushioned dog steps can dramatically improve their mobility and overall quality of life. It’s best to introduce dog stairs while your dog is in the early stages of arthritis so they can learn how to use it before it becomes the only way around the house.

Recovering Dogs

After an injury or procedure, rest is the best medicine, but your dog will still be looking for ways up to the best views. They will need your help with many things, especially getting around. A reliable set of dog stairs can take one thing off your caretaking list and make your dog’s recovery safe and easy.

Small Breed Dogs and Puppies

Little dogs love jumping around the house. During playtime, it’s fun for both you and your dog to let them jump around. But limiting their need to jump for practical purposes could help save them from arthritic pain down the road. The jumping might be cute now, but later on, it could mean injuries and early onset canine arthritis. A set of dog stairs can help protect their joints from unnecessary stress and improve their quality of life as they age.

Have the opposite problem and your young, over-enthusiastic pup is a bit too mobile? Browse our dog gates to keep them out of harm’s way and away from the fine china.

Featured products

Irish Linen Dog Step By Louisdog

With this dog step, your fur baby will have no problem getting up to join you on the sofa or lay down with you on the bed all by themselves. Made from the finest Italian Egyptian cotton, it boasts a minimal, but classic design and a color that goes with everything. A non-skid bottom means safe stepping and the removable, machine-washable cover makes washing a cinch. A handle on top makes moving these stairs from room to room easier than ever.

Daily Dog Step Khaki Beige By Louisdog

Great for little dogs, this dog step makes it super easy to climb up to join you in the house or in the car. Made from 100% cotton, it’s easy to clean and durable, but it comes with a waterproof cover just in case you’ve got puppies in your household!

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