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Dog Sweatshirts & Hoodies

When the weather gets crisp you might choose a dog sweatshirt over a dog coat or a dog sweater. It is all a matter of preference. From crewnecks to dog hoodies, we have a large selection for you to choose from. Die-hard football fans can enjoy one of our NFL dog hoodies for their little mascot!

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Drawstring Dog Hoodie Black

From $41.00 - $49.00

Drawstring Dog Hoodie Grey

From $41.00 - $49.00

Drawstring Dog Hoodie Pink

From $41.00 - $49.00

Sniffany Mug Cup Dog Hoodie

From $59.00 - $61.00

Bitch New York offers a huge selection of dog sweatshirts and hoodies that will keep your pooch warm and cozy during the cooler months. Depending on your location and the size and amount of fur that your dog has, it’s also important to have a coat to use in the summer. Brisk and windy days can make small dogs without fur quite chilled.

Thankfully, with the selection offered by Bitch New York you’ll find high-quality sweatshirts and hoodies that are built to last and impress, even with the most rambunctious pups. We offer styles from everyday leisurewear that are okay to get dirty because they’re machine washable as well as event-specific wear that is perfect for your pooch’s birthday party or big debut.

Size Matters

It’s vital to choose the proper size when purchasing a new jacket for your pooch. To tight and your dog will feel confined and uncomfortable, but too lose could mean not enough warmth or trip hazards.

Each product has a unique size guide that can be found by clicking on the desired sweatshirt or hoodie and clicking “size guide”. There, you’ll find instructions on how to measure your dog to ensure a proper fit.

In general, you’ll want to size your dog for a coat by measuring the base of their neck to the base of their tail as well as the circumference of their chest at the widest part and the circumference of their neck.


Our dog sweatshirts and hoodies are built to last. Many of our brands boast being made with the finest Italian fabrics while others are proud to be completely made in the USA. We even work with unique designers who hand-make their products, so you know that not only will the sweatshirt last, it will also be made with love.

Featured Products

Gray Santa Dog Sweatshirt

One of our holiday favorites is this adorable gray Santa dog sweatshirt, which will make your pooch the shining star of the next holiday party you attend. The sweatshirt features Santa sliding down a rainbow, which really means that your pup could wear it any season. The sweatshirt is hand-designed in Hungary.

London Traffic Dog Sweatshirt

For those dogs who double as travel companions you need to get this London traffic sweatshirt. The blue and gray outfit features adorably crafted double-decker buses, an underground sign, a telephone booth, and a black taxi. For any pups who have been to London, this needs to be added to their closet!

Dogverse Dog Hoodie

For the ever so macho pup who likes to play it cool, this dog verse hoodie is part of the American Retro Collection. The gray sweatshirt features a drawn shoe with real laces and red detailing. This hoodie is perfect for your dog’s standard day out. They’ll be warm and cozy while still styling.

How to Put a Sweatshirt on Your Dog

Some dogs might be more enthusiastic about the idea of a sweatshirt than others. If it’s your dog’s first time wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt, take it slowly. They might get nervous being wrapped up in a new smelling item.

Set the sweatshirt in your dog’s bed before you put it on them. This will help your pup become accustomed to the smell. When you put it on, make sure that it’s the right temperature outside! Your dog will only be more uncomfortable and agitated with the new addition to their routine if they overheat.

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