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Dog Harnesses

Some dogs do better with a dog collar while others do best with a dog harness. A harness differs from a collar in that it takes the strain off of your dog’s neck and distributes it either across his chest or back, depending on the design of the harness. A harness is the best choice for smaller dogs that might experience breathing problems with a collar or dogs that tend to pull on the leash. Most harnesses are adjustable and you can choose from step-in or vest style dog harnesses.

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Blue Sidekick Dog Harness

From $30.00 - $43.00

Why Your Dog Needs a Top Quality Collar Harness

Harnesses are essential because they protect dogs from choking and discomfort around the neck while walking. They can also provide greater control over big-sized dogs. A dog harness can fasten around the body of your dog. It has a leash loop close to the shoulders, which takes the pressure off the neck of your dog. There are lots of different types of harnesses available in the market. The right one depends on the size and personality of your dog. However, specific reasons to have a harness are as follows:

  • A good harness eliminates stress from around your dog's neck by uniformly spreading it across the chest and back.
  • A dog harness reduces the chances of chocking even if your dog has a habit of dragging you out for a walk while you two are out.
  • Sometimes dog eyeballs also bulge out when owners use a collar and monitor the pet now and then by pulling it out. You can prevent this and can make sure that your dog's eyes are safe.
  • Harnesses are strongly recommended for better care of injured dogs.

How do you choose the best harness for your dog?

There are many dog harnesses available, but to choose the best dog harness for your pet, you must keep these general aspects in mind:

Right fit and size

Different styles available in the market offer different fits. Measure the ribcage around your dog before buying any harness and check the package to make sure you chose the right size. It is crucial to get the right size. Too tight harnesses can be uncomfortable, whereas too loose harnesses can make the dogs wiggle.

Safety and Security

Pet safety is our number one priority, and to assure that all the harnesses are made with quality material. Our dog harness will never choke, scratch, or hurt your dog in any way.

Durability and Quality:

Dogs need reliable, long-lasting products that can withstand regular wear and tear, particularly the larger breeds.

Comfort and style

No argument can be made here because all you need is your dog to be happy. Just like you wouldn't wear uncomfortable clothes, your dog won't wear any itchy, unpleasant, or annoying harnesses. Alongside this, we must understand that harness does not only needs to feel good but look good.


A cheap product is often made from cheap materials, and sometimes we don't want to spend more on our pets than we do on ourselves. A harness should be good quality and, at the same time, must be cost-effective too. We kept cost-effectiveness in mind while selecting quality products for your little pups.

Featured Products

Plush Step In Air Mesh Dog Harness Black

It is a soft lead harness designed in a way to spread pressure around your dog's chest and shoulders, which ultimately helps in reducing stress on the neck. The construction of this harness ensures an equal distribution of the pulling pressure to the body, preventing choking or extreme injuries, and the thick padding makes your dog feel very comfortable. It's a newly designed harness that is washable as well.

American River Dog Harness Brown Camo

This trendy harness isn't just for looks. This harness comes packed with two welded D-rings, which doubles the safety you get. Almost all American River Harnesses come with reflective strips so they can get easily noticed from the distance to provide visibility when it's dark out there. This harness comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors, as well as adjustable straps for a personalized fit.

Plush Step In Glitter Glow In The Dark Dog Harness Navy

It is a comfortable lead harness that is also designed to spread the pressure around your dog's shoulders and chest to eliminate or reduce stress on the neck. The harness is super simple to put on due to the move-In design coupled with the Double Velcro-Buckle closure. It is made up of High-Quality material and comes in five trendy colors to choose from. It is super comfortable and simple to wear as well. It has visible reflecting strips which are washable also.

Pro Tips

Your dog should have both collars as well as a harness:

The truth is, there are dogs (mostly small dogs) that collars aren't good for, because of their very sensitive neck and trachea. So harnesses are used to increase comfortability, and not apply pressure to their throat, removing the risk for injury. If your pup likes to pull on walks, a harness is the best option to make the whole experience more enjoyable and safe!

Try to go for Washable Harnesses:

Sometimes your dog tends to play a lot in the garden during the spring or rainy season which will cause their harness to get dirty. So, try to buy a washable dog harness.

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