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There are many different styles of designer pet carriers, from simple utility to the newest trends. A dog carrier can be used to accentuate both your own and your dog’s wardrobe. The main point is always safely transporting your furry friend. Choose from purse, sling, tote, luggage, and even backpack styles. Once you take your pet out of your carrier, be ready with your designer dog collar and leash! Taking a trip? Make sure your dog carrier is airline approved. Visit our Airline Travel list for some guidelines.

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Nylon Dog Carrier Black/Tan

From $49.00 - $69.00

Nylon Dog Carrier Navy/Saddle

From $59.00 - $69.00

Nylon Dog Carrier Red/Tan

From $59.00 - $69.00

Alex Dog Carrier Black

From $206.00 - $218.00

Alex Dog Carrier Brown

From $206.00 - $218.00

Alex Luxe Dog Carrier Black

From $218.00 - $229.00

Alexa Dog Carrier Black

From $162.00 - $182.00

Alexa Dog Carrier Brown

From $162.00 - $182.00

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to your destination for safe and adorable travel accessories for your dog. For the comfort and safety of your precious cargo, we ask that you please browse our large selection of airline approved dog carriers. We thank you for choosing Bitch New York and we hope you've enjoyed your flight with us.

Taking your dog on a trip and wondering how to find the perfect airline friendly dog carriers for your travel companion? If your dog is getting on a plane with you, the right dog carrier is a necessity for hassle-free travel for both you and your pet.

If you’re not straying too far from home, a dog carrier bag like a purse or sling is a great way to wander without wearing them out. These carriers are great for spaces where there are lots of people and you need to keep your pup close, like a farmer’s market, concert, or festival. Roomy pockets make it easy to bring along their favorite toys and treats. Consider a dog stroller for daytime trips to the store or for your senior dog who still likes to get out for some fresh air.

Whether you’re crossing oceans, road-tripping across the country, or just going around the block, we’ve got everything you need to prepare you and your dog for the journey.

When should you carry your dog?

As energetic as your little furry bundle of joy may be, they need to be carried from time to time if you’re covering long distances. The distance your dog can travel depends largely on your pace. The incline, terrain, and weather can also determine how far they can go.

Dogs should also be carried in situations where it’s necessary that they stay close, such as on planes, trains, or other modes of transportation as well as other public places where there are lots of people.

Long walks for short legs.

Everyone knows that lack of exercise is bad news for you and your dog. An under-exercised dog often acts out by chewing, pacing, and making a mess of the house. But over-exercising poses risks as well. Just like humans, dogs require energy to exercise self-control and using up that energy could result in a dangerous situation for you, your dog, and the people around you.

Depending on size and breed, most dogs are happy with a daily one to three-mile walk. If you have a small dog, your pup will already be spending more energy than you by trotting alongside you while you walk. A puppy shouldn’t ever walk more than a couple of miles at a time.

If you’ve been spending a long day playing at the park with family and friends, try to keep track of how much exercise your dog is getting. For some dogs, playtime takes priority over their own wellbeing so it’s important that you look for indicators that they are getting overworked.

How to tell when your dog is too tired.

Check their attitude 

Your dog can’t communicate with you through words, so their behavior is often the best indicator as to how they are feeling. Keep an eye on abnormal behaviors such as reduced interest in playtime activities, short temper, or overall lack of energy. This could be a sign that you need to scale back exercise and find something better suited to their needs.

Watch their movement 

Soreness and stiffness in your dog’s muscles is another sign they have been working too hard. You’ll notice this after your pup rests following playtime. If they struggle to do simple things like stand up, walk up or downstairs, or reach their food dish, your dog needs to take it easy for a while.

Look the pads of their feet 

Paw pad injuries can be extremely painful for your dog and they can take a long time to heal because dogs are on their feet much more than we are. Look for redness, swelling, or any visible tears or flaps on the skin, especially if you’ve been walking or playing on concrete.


Heat exhaustion and heat stroke affect dogs too. These situations are a much higher concern during warmer months. If your dog’s body temperature gets too high from too much exercise in the hot sun, it could cause hyperthermia, dehydration, and difficulties breathing. Short-nosed dogs like bulldogs, pugs, and Shih Tzus are at an even greater risk because they take longer to cool down. Age is also a factor as senior dogs have trouble regulating their own body temperatures.

Featured products

Bone Dual Tone Leather Sling Dog Carrier

Bone Dual Tone Leather Sling Dog Carrier

The sling style dog carrier is the best way to carry your pup with ease and comfort. The adjustable genuine leather strap makes this dog carrier wearable across the body or over the shoulder. Interior straps keep your pup safely secured inside the bad. Convenient side pockets are your dog treats and toys storage solution. Body and bone colors are fully customizable to match your wardrobe as well as those adorable dog clothes you got for your pooch.

Petote JL Duffel Dog Carrier Camo Stripe

Petote JL Duffel Dog Carrier Camo Stripe

This dog carrier duffel is ideal for the urban furbaby with a nose for fashion. The JL Duffel is lightweight but packs plenty of room for your travel companion. Unique features include a super convenient top load zipper and your choice of top handle or adjustable and fully detachable shoulder strap. It comes complete with a spacious inside pocket, removable and washable faux fur bedding, and shiny silver accents. Vented on both ends for ultimate comfort and breathability. This carry-on duffel style dog carrier is airline approved, made in the USA, and available in a Mini or Regular size.

Teddy Fur Bag Dog Carrier Cold Dye By Louisdog

Teddy Fur Bag Dog Carrier Cold Dye By Louisdog

Introducing the all-season everyday dog carrier bag for you and for your furry family! It’s lined with super soft teddy faux fur, ideal for regulating body temperature and keeping your pup comfy. The minimalist design makes it an easy one to add to your dog accessories and even pair with your outfits! Available in Mini, Petit, or Grand sizes. Hand wash or machine wash on delicate.