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There's indeed no better definition of fun than sharing our lives with our dogs. Although it also means having what they need to make them as comfortable as possible. They need comfort and convenience when they embark on their favorite activities, like eating, sleeping, playing, and walking. That is why we've created a series of top-notch dog furniture and products to give your dog a shot at proper relaxation and total comfort. You can be sure that you'll find what's right for your dog when you scroll through our dog furniture collection.

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Pressure Mounted Dog Gate Black

From $157.00 - $211.00

Pressure Mounted Dog Gate White

From $157.00 - $211.00

3 In 1 Metal Superyard Dog Gate

From $391.00 - $521.00

3 In 1 Wood Superyard Dog Gate

From $534.00 - $716.00

Convertible Elite Dog Gate

From $456.00 - $614.00

Freestanding Tall Dog Gate White

From $326.00 - $383.00

Why Your Dog Needs Safe and Comfortable Dog Furniture

So many people think that dogs can curl up and sleep just anywhere, but that's wrong. You don't have to subject your furry friend to sleeping on the floor or anywhere else. You also probably wouldn't be pleased to see it curl up on your sofas or beds. Hence, the need for specialized dog furniture. Your dog needs their own private spaces just like you do, and dog furniture will provide them this space. Here are a few reasons why your dog needs cozy and comfortable dog furniture.

1. They'll Fancy Having a Place of Their Own

Like humans, dogs desire to have a place where they can master as theirs. The remaining part of your house belongs to you and other people in it, and your dog might sometimes feel like a second-class citizen in it. Specialized furniture will serve as a place where he can have some personal time in. Dogs will enjoy sleeping in a bed that's there's, although you'll need to get furniture that properly suits them.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

Another reason to get comfortable furniture for your favorite pet is to keep them as healthy as possible. Sleeping on hard surfaces like the floor can cause health issues to your dog, but orthopedic beds will help reduce the pain while offering them the comfort they need for a good sleep. Additionally, most dog beds feature other health-promoting features to keep your dog in the best health condition.

3. Cleanliness

The truth is that your floor is never the cleanest place to sleep, irrespective of how well you'll try to vacuum it. Getting a dog bed for your dog will help him stay clean for longer. To help maintain cleanliness, most of our dog furniture feature removable liners to make cleaning easier.

How to Choose The Best Dog Furniture for Your Dog

Every pet owner understands the stress of trying to select furniture that suits their dog best. The availability of so many different options in the market doesn't make it easier. If you are new to the process, it can seem overwhelming for you to choose from the array of options available. Don't worry, here are tips that will help you make the best choice.

1. Comfort is Paramount

While it's important to buy attractive furniture that fits your home decor, your primary focus should be on getting what's comfortable for your dog. Bear in mind that you are not buying a design piece for your home, but a piece that your dog will enjoy as his space. Therefore, you should get furniture that's not just soft, but inviting to dogs.

2. Think About Fabric

Be careful about fabrics when buying furniture for your dog. Bear in mind that you'll often need to clean. Therefore, you'll want your ideal furniture to feature stain-resistant fabrics. Ultrasuede, Microfiber, and Crypton are great options to try. They are not just stain-resistant, but they are also easy to clean.

3. Thick Finishes

The wooden parts of dog furniture are often covered with paints, stains, or water-resistant sealants. It's usually the job of these finishes to protect the wood from body fluids and claws. Therefore, it's important to pick furniture that features top-quality finishes.

Featured Products

Aqua French Dog Armoire

This piece of furniture features a vintage solid wood record cabinet repurposed into a dog armoire. The product features impressive finishing that's not just long-lasting but convenient for your dog. Certainly, your dog's comfort is the main focus, and this piece of furniture offers him a comfortable space that he'll enjoy.

  • 100% natural wood
  • Safe and comfortable space

Noblesse Pressure Mount Dog Gate Mocha

An exquisite pressure-mount pet gate that blends modern style with modern sensibilities. These dog gates will surely wow you and your dog. The classic scroll ironwork that it features is made out of heavy-duty steel and wrought iron to keep your dog out of harm's way. The dog gate is sturdy and easy to install without the need for additional drilling.

  • Easy of installation
  • Top-quality iron
  • Highly durable

Pro Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance

Training Your Dog to Get Off The Couch

Your dog's desire for a comfortable space will sometimes take them to your bed and couches. When such happens, you'll need a dog-friendly way to get him off the couch.

An excellent way to start is to throw your dog's favorite treat on the ground a few feet away from the couch and say "off" while making a sweeping hand gesture. If possible, immediately lead your dog to its furniture and give him some more treats as a reward for moving to the furniture instead of the couch. Ensure to reward your dog every time it sleeps in its furniture.

End Every Training Sessions on a Positive Note

Every training session involves your dog working hard to please you. It won't cost you anything to shower them with praises, petting, or even some minutes of play. You can even throw some treats into the mix to motivate them to show up with their tails wagging in the next training session.

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