Take Your Pup ‘To The Streets’: Pooch-Sizes Hoodies and Hats
For Immediate Release:

New York City, August 25, 2010 – Does your dog like to chase motorcycles or hang out with his homeboys? Does he prefer the street to his own backyard? Your dog is a rebel and it’s time to show off his inner rebel with hoodies and hats from Bitch New York. Some dogs just want to be ‘street dawgs’ and the domestic life is just too tame for these pooches.

Maybe a NYC Taxi hoodie is all that it takes to bring out the street in your ‘Dawg.’ Perhaps you need to boast about the innocent side of your pooch with a Good Dog hoodie , complete with punk-rock angel wings. No? Then what about a silver-and-black-striped Goth hoodie with a silver cross on the back? Or one that gets straight to the point:  “Bitches Love Me.”

Unleash your dog’s hidden desires

Whether your dog is a rebel, a hippie, a Goth, or just plain cute, Bitch New York has a hoodie for him or her. With designs including camouflage, plaid or houndstooth and peace signs or rhinestones, these hooded sweatshirts let your dog express himself! Show off your dog’s ‘bad’ attitude with a hoodie printed with skull and dog bone, or with a monster-truck printed hoodie (complete with faux Mohawk!)

It’s not just hoodies. In order to be a true player, your ‘street dawg’ needs a hat with some real street cred. Complete your dog’s outfit with a beret, cowboy hat or sailor cap. Show your pup’s cute side with a rose print beret or pink biker hat. Once you’ve decided which hat best suits your dog, it’s time to take it to the street and show the world.

Pricing and Availability

Bitch New York has hundreds of hooded sweatshirts for sale, in prices ranging from $26 to $84, depending on the decorations and materials. Sizes range from Extra-Extra Small (tiny Chihuahua) to Extra-Extra-Extra Large (English Mastiff) so no matter how large or small your dog is, he or she can still be a ‘street dawg.’ Don’t forget about the hats - available in sizes from teacup to large, price range from $10 to $28, depending on the style.

About Bitch New York

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