The New Baby Boom

For Immediate Release:

New York City, USA – Doggie fashion is all the rage! It's been unleashed from the likes of Paris Hilton to everyday fashionistas. In September 2006, Pet Fashion Week in New York City boasted thousands of new vendors, niche media, and four-legged consumers. A cottage industry of "canine couture," like, has cropped up to offer designer clothing , luxury collars and even salon-quality grooming gear .

"I started the business for people like me," says Stacy Braverman, founder of "I have lavish taste, but also a sensible budget. I'm used to getting what I want. Oh, but I'm not the only bitch: You should meet my dog, Lola!" Braverman points to one of her three Chihuahuas. Braverman is great at keeping them all in line. She's even convinced her ex-husband and 16 year old daughter to help with the growing business.

Stacy Braverman is just like her typical customer. Her kids no longer want to be pampered by mommy. So she unleashes her love onto her dogs. Braverman gets to dress them up, put them in strollers, and show off the cute photographs. She's even turned them into picture postcards. "If people would enjoy it, I'd love to mail out my postcards to their friends." Braverman offers to do so for free on her website.

"I'm thrilled at the response," says Stacy Braverman. "I know we're going to be big because there are millions of us out there. We love unique style, with attitude. And we want to show off that style on our dogs!" The website also sells controversial t-shirts - for canines and humans - showing off the logo. Stars like Mark McGrath , lead singer of Sugar Ray, already has dogs enjoying Bitch New York fashions. And Gen X movie stars will be proudly donning coveted Bitch New York tees to an upcoming Hollywood premiere. Braverman concludes "I wonder if the paparazzi are brave enough to shoot Bitch New York!"

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