Dog Belly Bands

We know you would never want your dogs to look out of style. This is why we have devised some of the best quality and fashionable belly bands for them. You can now keep your pet's private parts perfectly placed for your next play date. With a belly band, you no longer need to worry about your companion lifting his leg and doing a deed on your host’s furniture. Our dog belly bands are the ideal accessory, especially if your furry friend is going for an outing before being potty trained. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

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Why your dog needs a belly band

If you are wondering what dog belly bands are, they are exactly what they sound like – a band of fabric that covers your pet's belly. They are worn for hygiene and potty training purposes by covering up your dog's private parts. The reasons you may require a dog belly band could be:

  • Although their primary purpose is to absorb any urine releases, they help discourage urination to a degree. 
  • They are excellent solutions for pups who are housebroken.
  • Belly bands can prevent fecal and urinary accidents in dogs, especially those who suffer from health problems.
  • They can help prevent damage to furniture.

How to choose the best belly band for your dog

Bitch New York provides you with an exclusive variety of dog belly bands. Here is a list of few features to consider while deciding on which one is best for your dog.

Quality fabric

Your pet's belly and their most sensitive parts will have significant contact with the belly band, so you must make sure that the product is made from comfortable and soft fabric. It is typical that most bands include anything from polyester blends to 100% cotton, but the most crucial part of choosing is that it should feel comfortable for your pup.

Proper fit

The dog belly band that doesn't fit properly may fail to catch your dog's urine, or it can even be too tight, leading to potential damage and discomfort. This is the reason why you must make sure that you get a belly band with a proper fit by carefully measuring your dog’s waistline.

Wet absorbent design

You cannot allow the wet fabric to remain in contact with your pup's body. So, go for the belly band designed with absorbent pads that aid in absorbing moisture away from your pup's skin.

Pattern and colors

We know your dog doesn't care whether the belly band is green, blue, or with polka dots, but you can purchase a band of different patterns and colors that could help your pup rock in style at any party or gathering.

Easy maintenance

You will be required to wash your fur friend's band frequently. You certainly need a belly band that could stand up to the rigors of frequent machine wash. Therefore, it would help if you go for one that is easy to maintain and wash.

Pro Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance

Having more than one belly band helps

A back-up band is always useful in any emergency. While you are purchasing a dog belly band, it is always recommended that you go for more than just one. A back-up band will help you keep your pup clean on the go or whenever one band gets wet.

How to wash dog belly bands

Every Dog belly band usually comes with wash instructions. However, it is best to wash them with warm or cold water. You can use a regular detergent for laundry. If possible, try to avoid fabric softener, as it may destroy the belly band. Afterward, you can dry the band through a normal cycle or in the dryer.

Extend the life of the dog belly band

You can extend the life cycle of your dog's belly band if you close the parts of Velcro together before wash. This is the only way to pull on the fibers, and the Velcro hook will not get stuck to the absorbent material, which will help extend the life of the belly band.

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