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Dog Crates & Covers

If your dog prefers the security a dog crate, we have a large selection of dog crate covers and mattresses that will not only provide him comfort but will add to your décor. You will come to view your crate as a welcome piece of furniture enhancing the feel of your home. If you want to provide additional comfort for your dog, then add one of our versatile dog mattresses to these dog crates. This will ensure that your dog will always have a refreshing nap every time he slips into his comfy nest.
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Icrate Double Door Dog Crate

From $64.00 - $295.00

Icrate Single Door Dog Crate

From $61.00 - $290.00

Mobile Dog Pen

From $241.00 - $335.00

Dog Crate Pad Arctic Seal

From $43.00 - $57.00

Dog Crate Pad Lipstick

From $43.00 - $57.00

Dog Crate Pad Lollipop

From $43.00 - $57.00

Dog Crate Pad Ocean Wave

From $43.00 - $57.00

Dog Crate Pad Pink It Fence

From $43.00 - $57.00

Dog Crate Pad Wolfhound Grey

From $43.00 - $57.00

Dog Crate Pad Wonderland

From $43.00 - $57.00

Faux Fur Custom Dog Crate Pad

From $43.00 - $82.00

Custom Dog Crate Cover

From $220.00 - $330.00

Custom Dog Crate Pad Bolstered

From $66.00 - $187.00

Custom Dog Crate Pad Original

From $44.00 - $99.00