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Every walk is an event, and events must be attended in style. Just as you wouldn't let your pooch wear a standard everyday collar or outfit, you need to make sure that they have a matching leash to lead the way. A personalized leash is the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that is your dog's style.

For the perfect match to your designer dog leash, you can find a designer dog collar or a designer dog harness that will keep your dog comfortable and on-trend!

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Our leashes come in a variety of styles and materials such as rope, combination, holiday, and sparkle.

Rope Dog Leashes

You might be asking yourself, "Why in the world would a glam pooch like mine ever be seen out with a rope as a dog leash?" These are no ordinary ropes! We have stunning velvet ropes designed to stun and impress. We have beautifully dyed rope leashes to match any outfit. All our leashes are sure to thrill every onlooker.

Prismatic Ombre Rope Dog Leash Adjustable

The Prismatic Ombre Rope Dog Leash is one of our bestsellers because of its vibrant colors that make every other pooch in the park jealous. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, this marine-grade leash is hand-spliced and can withstand hundreds of pounds of force when pulled. The ends are whipped to ensure a long-lasting life.

The unique brass ring design allows you to hold and wear the leash in a variety of different ways. Choose from a standard handle to a crossbody strap for a hands-free day out with your pup. Each leash has an individually-numbered "FOUND" tag to track how many animals the brand has helped keep safe and secure so far. Part of the profits from each leash goes towards the Louis Animal Foundation to help animals who haven't "found" their home yet.

The leash is hand washable and should be line dried. It's also available with a matching dog collar!


Many of the beautiful leashes you can buy here at Bitch New York feature a variety of materials to ensure durability and style.

Coordinating Denim Dog Leash

We're obsessed with the Coordinating Denim Dog Leash that will complete your pooch's retro vibe. You can choose between black or blue denim, gold or blacktop sticking, and five different colors of silk trim. The leash comes with a snap hook that is specially made to work with the unique twist-lock of the escape-proof denim harness vests. Just in case your pooch is a bit of an escape artist.


Every pup needs a holiday-themed leash to match their sweater and accessories. From Christmas and Halloween to Valentine's Day or a wedding, Bitch New York has you covered.

Reindeer and Friends Dog Leash

We love the Reindeer and Friends Dog Leash, which features a green lead with little stuffed reindeer, a fabric holly leaf, and the most adorable snowman attachments. The perfect leash for a festive pooch.

Mission Femme Dog Leash

Halloween only rolls around once a year, but the Mission Femme Dog Leash will make your puppy the baddest bitch all year round. The black leash features skulls with (or without) pink bows as well as a poop bag holder. All the other dogs in the park will know who's boss!

Luna Moongirl Dog Leash in Red

Single and ready to mingle or headed for date night, the Luna Moongirl Dog Leash in red is a must-have accessory for Valentine's Day. The faux leather leash is adorned with a gold heart and a cute bow. You can even purchase a matching dog harness to complete the look.


Every pooch needs a bit of sparkle now and again.

Glam Gear Dog Leash

The Glam Gear Dog leash features a fabulous pink shimmer that will have your pooch looking ready for the runway. Whether you're headed to a wedding or just going out for your daily walkies, you need to have this leash in your repertoire. This leash is available in 13 different sparkly colors.

How to Buy a Dog Leash

When choosing a dog leash, it's important to consider the type of activity that you will be doing with your pup and their weight. Larger dogs who like to run will need a sturdier leash that can withstand their strong pulls. Smaller dogs or older pooches who aren't as active or likely to run will be more comfortable on a shorter leash.

You can find individual information on the weight limits and size of our leashes on each individual product page.

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