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Cleanup duty (no pun intended) is probably the least charming aspect of caring for your little friend, however, you can make your life easier by being prepared for the inevitable! Our selection of designer dog poop bag holders and dog poop bags will help you gracefully clean up and maintain appearances in any situation.

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We know what you’re thinking: there’s no way you can glamorize this part of owning a dog. Think again! Now with countless options for chic dog poop bag holders from Bitch New York, you’ll never leave the house without your doggie doo bags again.

Cleaning up after your dog is no longer an awkward chore while you’re out on a walk, these designer dog poop bag holders then you can buy in our online store make picking up after your pooch easier.

The low down on dog doo

Pick it up! Three reasons to pick up your dog’s poop

Wondering if it’s really necessary to pick up after your pup? Did you take a new morning route and now you’re running late for work? Maybe you only brought one poop bag and your dog decided to make it a double. Whatever the case may be, there has been at least one point in every dog owner’s life when one questions the importance of picking up after their pup. So why is picking up dog poop so important?

The smell

We’ve all been there. Everyone piles into the car after a lovely afternoon at the park and that pungent odor hangs in the air, no matter how long you drive with the windows down. A thorough search determines that at least one passenger stepped in dog poop and they have now transferred it to the car and wherever else they stepped before realizing it.

Most dogs keep a diet of primarily animal-based nutrients, which leaves behind a not-so-nice odor after it’s been digested. As soon as your pet is out of your yard, they’re in a space that’s shared with anyone. It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to exercise common courtesy and pick up whatever tidbits your dog leaves behind.

It’s bad for grass and other plants

You know the myth: poop is a natural fertilizer. The problem with this myth is that it does not apply to all animals. Chicken and cow poop is a great natural fertilizer that has been used by farmers for centuries. As mentioned before, dogs keep a very different diet than humans and herbivorous animals like chickens and cows. Dog waste is actually too high in nitrogen and phosphorous to the point that it can actually kill off parts of your lawn as well as some flowers and plants.

The rain won’t wash it away

Dog poop contains more bacteria and parasites than other types of waste. These bacteria and parasites can be harmful to humans, especially children, and they can also spread diseases to other dogs. So even if the poop is no longer visible, those nasty bacteria and parasites can stick around in that soil for longer than a year!

With Bitch New York’s wide selection of stylish and convenient dog poop bag holders and dispensers, you have no excuse to leave a mess.

Look, Ma! No hands!

Super handy dog poop bag dispensers with leash attachments allow you to ditch the crumpled sacks and tangled roll of bags you have to juggle every time you take your dog for a walk. A dog poop bag dispenser can attach to your dog’s leash, harness, or wherever it’s most convenient for you and out of the way of your dog. Sprinkle in some collar charms and you’ve got a certified look.

The dog poop bags dispenser leash attachment allows you to walk your dog and carry your dog’s poop bags hands-free while making sure you never get caught unprepared again. When that inevitable moment finally arrives, you just need one free hand to pull a bag from the dispenser.

Featured products

Bon Ton Pyramid Dog Poop Bag Holder

The devil truly is in the details. Keep up appearances and maintain elegance at a potty time with this designer dog poop bag holder that is exclusively for pups that are spoiled rotten. They make a great attachment to your designer handbag and are sure to match all of your pup’s flashy outfits. Impossibly bright golden brass finish is symbolic of the luxurious life you and your pup lead.

Gold Swan Poo Bag

Designed in Hungary and meticulously crafted with fine attention to detail, this poo bag is rarer than the goose that lays golden eggs. The designer’s use of various materials and accents make this a true one-of-a-kind canine accessory that is sure to astonish and inspire. Designs may vary slightly in size or shape as they are all individually crafted.

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