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Checker Chewy Vuiton Trunk Activity House Dog Toy
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SKU: HDD-090

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The Checker Chewy Vuiton trunk interactive dog toy is part of the Fashion Hound Collection. This toy is sure to keep your pup engaged. Includes three checker Chewy Vuiton balls that squeak and crackle. Your dog will have a ball trying...

Starbarks Coffee House Interactive Dog Toy
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SKU: HDD-060

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Your dog will love playing with the new interactive Starbarks Coffee House interactive dog toy. Each Starbarks Coffee House toy includes two mini coffee cup toys inside. The mini coffee cup toys crackle and squeak for hours of fun! Let your dog sniff...

Nina Ottoson Dog Casino Dog Toy
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SKU: OH67334

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This level 3 advanced dog treat dispenser dog toy is the ideal toy for bored dogs with big brains and will keep smart dogs happy and occupied! The challenging dog toy features 6 treat drawers for dog snacks or kibble...

Hide-A-Bird Dog Toy
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SKU: OH31009

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Treat your pup to hide-and-seek fun with Hide-A-Bird dog toy! Just stuff the squeaky birds in the plush birdhouse, and watch as your dog sniffs them out. To keep the game going, just stuff them in again and again! 3...

Woof Clicquot Pawty Set Interactive Dog Toy
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SKU: HDD-095

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Featuring our most popular and classiest pup-friendly champagne, our Woof Clicquot Pawty Set is sure to keep your pup entertained for hours! This burrow toy includes three cute picnic pawty plushies inside. Imported. Size: Pawty Set: 7" x 5.5" x 5",...

Pupventure Mat Dog Toy
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This Pupventure mat dog toy has a safari theme and has hidden slots for treats. The mat has a non-slip design. Playing with this toy is great exercise and can help your dog with separation anxiety and boredom. It is...

Hide-A-Rainbow Dog Toy
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SKU: OH68284

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The Hide-A-Rainbow dog toy is one of the newest puzzle plush toys for dogs. This boredom buster stimulates mental play with squeaky Unicorn, Star and Cloud toys hidden inside. The Hide A Rainbow puzzle dog toy was created to keep...

Nina Ottoson Dog Smart Composite Dog Toy
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SKU: OH67336

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Dog smart treat dispenser puzzle dog toy great way to introduce your pup to problem-solving and dog puzzle games, dog smart is a level 1 treat dispensing dog game to keep your canine busy, happy and mentally challenged, and to...

Nina Ottoson Treat Maze Dog Toy
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SKU: OH67575

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The Treat Maze dog toy is a long-standing favorite of dog parents and dog trainers. Now released in new, fun colors, this popular dog puzzle is back to help beat bad behavior and teach new skills to your furry friend....

Nina Ottoson Dog Worker Dog Toy
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SKU: OH67337

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A step up from level 2 dog games and dog training puzzles, the Dog Worker dog toy helps to challenge your dog in new ways while presenting them with tasty treat rewards with each discovery! PLAYTIME CHALLENGE: The ultimate exercise...

Nina Ottoson Hide N' Slide Composite Dog Toy
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SKU: OH67338

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Keep your dog busy and happy with this challenging dog toy. The level 2 dog treat dispenser game features sliding blocks and swiveling flippers which hide compartments for dog snacks or kibble. Mentally stimulating and entertaining for both dogs and...

Nina Ottoson Dog Brick Dog Toy
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SKU: OH67333

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Complete with 3 different treat feeding features, the Dog Brick dog toy is made with easy open-close flip compartments to hide treats in, and comes with separate, removable bone puzzle pieces that offer an even more interesting challenge to seeking...