Dog Toys

If you are anything like us, you can never get enough toys for your best friend! Whether you’re just playing with an old-fashioned rope or treating them to their favorite oh-so-soft plush toys, playtime is always going to be your pup’s favorite time of the day.

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The officially licensed Sock Monkey dog toy reinvents a childhood favorite as a pet toy representing your favorite team. Squeaker ad textured materials for optimal interest. Size: 13" L x 5" W x 3" D


So what about surprising your pup with a new dog toy for their birthday, for a special occasion, or simply to show them how much you care and how much you want to see them happy? Whether you’re looking for the perfect interactive toy to train your pooch or looking for an adorable dog toy box to keep their toys organized, Bitch New York is your go-to platform for treating your furry friend to the very best!

Our furry friends bring a lot into our lives, but it’s the boundless sense of play and joy found in every pup that reminds us of just how exciting and fun life can be. On top of helping us get back in touch with our inner child, daily playtime is also essential for our pet’s health and vitality. It keeps them in good shape and in good spirits.

Still, when it comes to fulfilling your pet's playtime needs, not all dog toys are created equal.

Whether they’re puppies going through the frustrating teething stage or big dogs capable of ripping their new plushie into shreds, when choosing your pup’s next toy, you should always keep in mind their needs. The best way to keep our furry friends happy and healthy is to find just the right toys for their size, temperament, and activity level.

So, let’s explore what toys fit which puppy’s needs best, how interactive dog toys can enrich playtime even more, and what options for state-of-the-art dog toys you’re going to find at Bitch New York!

Types of Toys for Dogs

Soft and Cuddly Toys

When the time comes for our doggies to wind down with their favorite blanket, toys that are plush, soft, and gentle can be just the comfort they need for their rest and relaxation. The delicate nature of the materials can invoke a sense of safety and connectedness so that your fur babies can always feel well taken care of. Some toys feature long or short furry hair, while others are soft and velvety for minimal shedding and easy washing. 

Chew Toys

Why not satisfy your furry friend’s craving to chew with an engaging toy that can clean and strengthen their teeth at the same time? Chew toys are your pup’s best friend when it comes to keeping them both entertained and safe. Knitted cotton thread toys are an excellent choice for protecting your pet’s teeth.

Dental health toys can help clean plaque gently while remaining sturdy and durable through every bite. Squeeze in even more fun and doggie-care time into your pet’s routine, with squeaky soft toys for smaller and younger dogs. You can also try bone-like tough toys for larger and stronger dogs – your beloved pup will thank you with all of the sweet-smelling kisses you can handle!

Tug-of-War Toys

Nothing satisfies a pooch more than a good old-fashioned game of tug-of-war. Hence, you should look no further than a tug or rope toy to keep them happy and satisfied!

The push-and-pull motions can help them release all that pent-up energy they need to let go of, so they can wind down more easily at the end of the day. If your baby loves a more dynamic and rough-n-tumble play, these flexible, chewable, and exciting toys can make a world of difference in your pet’s life! They can be as firm as a rope for your dog to tug on safely or they can simply be animal shapes with long limbs for more gentle resistance.

Durable Dog Toys

No time to deal with high-maintenance toys with endless cleaning instructions?

Looking for durable toys that you can take outdoors and wash easily afterward?

Then you should look no further than the always popular rubber toys for fuss-free play in the park, perfect for keeping your outdoorsy pooch happy and healthy. If your dog loves to run, jump, and catch, they’re going to love rubber toys in the shape of a frisbee, a boomerang, or a simple stick. But these versatile toys are not only ideal for the more active dogs out there if your puppy prefers a gentler play, you can also find treat-dispensing rubber toys to train them in the yummiest way possible!

Dog Puzzle Toys

If you want to keep your dog’s body and mind stimulated and engaged, interactive dog toys that require them to solve challenges and puzzles can be a dream come true.

You can choose between squeaky toys (perfect for hide-and-seek!) and toys that release tasty treats once a puzzle is solved. These deeply-entrancing toys allow your pet to fully enjoy every moment of their play and engage in brain-boosting fun for even longer!

Stuffing-Free Toys

If your furry friend likes to chew through toys and even eat the inside filling, stuffing-free toys can be the ideal alternative to classic plushies – they are even easier to wash and maintain!

You can choose from many shapes, sizes, and patterns to fit your doggie’s sparkling unique personality and needs. Some of the most entertaining toys for your pooch can be in the form of simple shapes such as a ball, a bone, or a heart.

What are the Best Dog Toys?

Whether you’re looking for puppy teething toys or looking for the most unique toy styles to go hand-in-hand with your pup’s sense of style and accessories, Bitch New York is your one-stop destination for the best dog toys on the market.

But what are the best toys for your pup’s physical and mental stimulation? Here are some of our favorite picks!

Bias Plaid Blue Bone Dog Toy

Part of a classy and fashionable plaid collection of dog accessories, this durable squeaky dog toy is designed to last through even the most aggressive chewing and is perfect for small and big dogs alike.

Featuring a tough fabric outer layer and stuffed with non-toxic fiberfill, this incredibly versatile toy is at the same time soft enough for indoor play and durable enough for rougher play in the park.

Froid Rowdies Dog Toy

Combining two of the sturdiest dog toy technologies, HardyTex fabric, and Zogoflex chew zones, this incredible, fluffy toy is the perfect toy for pooches who love chewing.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art materials, this handcrafted plush toy is not only extra durable but also designed for safe, prolonged chewing. It also contains a squeaker to keep your pup entertained for longer, and its adorable eyes are embroidered so that they cannot be plucked off by teeth and aggressive chewing.

Rumbl Dog Treat Toy

Looking for something more stimulating for a clever pup? Then this egg-shaped treat-dispensing toy is the perfect choice to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated throughout the day.

Durable, super bouncy, and perfect for slow feeding, this small toy will keep your pup entertained for a long time, encouraging safe and healthy play!

How to Wash Dog Toys?

So, how can you properly wash your pup’s new favorite toy and disinfect it thoroughly to keep your furry friend safe?

Different materials will, of course, need different cleaning solutions, but you should never use any bleaching products or cleaning products with high chemical concentrations. Plush toys can be cleaned with a delicate machine wash with or without a gentle, pet-friendly detergent, or simply hand-cleaned with a natural vinegar solution.

Chew toys will require a little more care, making sure to tape over any openings or holes so that your pup won’t be chewing through leftover detergent! It’s always best to hand-wash them to make sure you’re avoiding excessive wear and tear.

If you’re wondering how to sanitize dog toys while keeping your pup safe, the best way to do that is to use a natural, fragrance-free detergent or wash the toy with a water and vinegar solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Toys

How to Teach a Dog to Play with Toys?

Not all dogs will instinctively engage in play, so a little push from your end will go a long way in making sure they’re staying mentally stimulated and healthy.

Begin by slowly introducing different kinds of toys to see what they respond to the best, and add treats to the mix to incentivize them.

Finally, choose the right toy for your pup’s size, temperament, and activity level to ensure they’ll be comfortable at play!

Why Won't Your Dog Play with Toys?

There are many reasons why a dog might not want to play with their toys. If you’re dealing with a rescue dog, it might be a result of trauma, anxiety, and a lack of positive interactions with humans.

More commonly, however, it might just be that your pup is bored with playing with the same toys every day, and might need something new and more stimulating to keep their attention!

How many Toys should a Dog have?

When it comes to dog toys, variety is key to keep your pup stimulated, happy, and eager to play every day. It’s generally recommended to invest in four to five high-quality, diverse toys and rotate them throughout the week.

How much are dog toys?

Dog toy prices can vary quite significantly according to the materials used, size, and features. Most classic toys will sit in the $15 - $17 range while more unique, designer options can cost you over $100.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or incredibly unique, Bitch New York is the best place to find a wide range of toys that’ll fit your pup’s style, no matter the budget!

How do I keep my Dog self-entertained?

Not all dog toys require you to be there to tug along! If you want to keep your pup entertained for hours, you can invest in fun puzzle toys that will keep their brain engaged.

How do you entertain a Smart Dog?

Smart dogs can get bored of the same old toys and games fairly quickly, so you should think ahead and make sure you always have a diverse range of puzzle toys to choose from to keep them challenged.

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