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Pet Jewelry

Every fashionista knows that accessories are everything. They can make or break the outfit. And it's no different for your pup.

The simplest outfit can go from blah to glam with a few accessories.

These beautiful accessories from Bitch New York will have your pup stealing the show in no time.

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Black Pear Drop Dog Necklace

From $31.00 - $39.00

Crystal Bone Dog Necklace

From $22.00 - $38.00

Classic Jewelry

If you're looking for accessories that are perfect for any day of the week, we've got you covered with a beautiful selection of classic accessories. These pieces are versatile and will look stunning with many of the doggy outfits that we have available.

Three Bone Mesh Dog Necklace Clear

 Three Bone Mesh Dog Necklace Clear

This stunning silver necklace is ideal for everyday wear. The classic silver features mean that it's the perfect way to accessorize almost any outfit. Wear it on your daily walk or to visit friends. Your pup will stand out as the most stylish dog in the crowd.

Round Mesh Bone Drop Dog Necklace Pink

Round Mesh Bone Drop Dog Necklace Pink

Another decadent piece. Your dog will look like a classic belle with this elegantly designed silver round necklace and pink dog bone. The necklace is handmade in the United States and accented with Austrian crystals. You simply can't go wrong with this one.

Special Occasion Jewelry

These aren't your everyday accessories. We like to save this selection for special occasions to really show off just how stylish our dogs can be. Whether it's a classy birthday party or a debut on the red carpet, it's always good to have a few select items ready to go.

Three Row Pearl Dog Necklace White

Three Row Pearl Dog Necklace White

This classic piece of jewelry is a must-have. The superbly designed pearl necklace will elevate your dog's look from B to A list. This necklace is sure to turn heads wherever it's worn.

Emerald And Plum Swarovski Crystal Mesh Dog Collar

Emerald And Plum Swarovski Crystal Mesh Dog Collar

We can't get enough of this stunning emerald and plum necklace. It could easily be mistaken for a piece worn by Lady Gaga and Kate Upton on the red carpet. Your dog will surpass their style with this gorgeous necklace.

Holiday Jewelry

We all have sweaters we only wear at Christmas and earrings we only use on Valentine's Day. Your dog should be no different! With these holiday pieces, your dog will be right on-trend.

Gold Two Row Pink Crystal Heart Dog Necklace

Gold Two Row Pink Crystal Heart Dog Necklace

This beautiful gold necklace can do no wrong on Valentine's Day with its stunning pink crystal heart. While this piece of jewelry will look charming on the day of love, it can easily be worn all year round and will draw eyes from every dog in the area.

Mom Charm Dog Necklace Pink

 Mom Charm Dog Necklace Pink

Calling all dog moms! When mother's day rolls around, what better way to show your pooch some love with this pink and silver "I Love Mom" necklace. Everyone will know who Mom's favorite is and be jealous of the accessories that come with such a level of affection.

How to Choose the Best Accessory

When choosing a piece of jewelry for your dog, it's important to consider how your dog reacts to their collar. Will your pooch dislike wearing it and scratch to get it off as soon as they're home? If that's the case, you'll want to look for a piece of jewelry that's lighter and looser so that your dog feels comfortable.

Does your dog roll around a lot and get themselves into tricky places? If they do, you'll want an accessory that doesn't dangle. You don't want to risk your pooch catching the necklace on something and getting stuck.

Are there other pets in your house that love shiny things? If you've got any pets or little ones who are prone to taking shiny things, consider a necklace that's a bit more subtle. This way, it won't attract any unwanted attention. You don't want the necklace to go missing!