Bitch New York Introduces Pawberry Specializing in Stylish Dog Coats With Built-in Harness Systems


Stacy Braverman, founder of Bitch New York, is pleased to feature the new dog coat line from Pawberry offering affordable, high-quality dog coats that double as a dog harness, offered in various styles- even in sequins! Braverman explains, “Pawberry was born out of the idea to offer trendy up-to-date fashions for our pooches. They wanted to be able to take high street-fashion and trends and create garments that are unique to the British high street and adapt them to the needs of our pets. Brits are very fashion conscious and Pawberry wanted to be able to offer a range of clothing that gives them credit for their forward thinking and trend setting in the world of pet clothing and accessories.” Braverman continues, “Pawberry is very British in its name and also in the design. They aim to look at the key trends each season and then create a Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter collection that has excellent quality at affordable prices for the high street consumer. All items will be street-tested for up to 3 months prior to them being sold on the site. This feedback gives the advantage of ensuring that the quality is of the highest standard, and more importantly, our pets achieve maximum comfort. All garments will be made by a small dedicated team within the UK.”

Browse through Bitch New York’s catalog for Pawberry’s unique, luxurious and stylish products!

About Stacy Braverman

“My business caters to people like me, who love to dress up their dogs but want the luxurious designer dog clothing for small dogs and designer dog accessories that are being worn by celebrity dogs! We offer designer pet accessories like fine pet jewelry, designer dog shoes and pet perfumes; necessities such as designer dog beds, luxury dog carriers, trendy designer dog collars and leads and pet harnesses; as well as an array of designer dog clothing including doggie t-shirts, designer dog sweaters, casual dresses and trendy dog jackets.”

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