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Essential Oil Dog Calming Spray

$18.00 USD

Our pets don't always understand the world around them and we naturally put them into stressful situations without even realizing it. Whether it's taking a trip to the vet, having people over for a BBQ or regular grooming, our pets can get stressed out! Warren London's calming spray reduces their anxiety levels by using calming and relaxing all-natural scents to soothe your pet's mental state. They do not use harsh chemicals or sedatives in this product!

Calms: Is your dog hyper around new people? Are they anxious when traveling? Nervous at the Groomer? Try this proven dog calming spray to bring instant relief to their stressful situation!

Safe and Non-Toxic: Made from all-natural essential oils, this product does not use harsh chemicals or sedatives on your precious pup!

Easy to Use:
This calming spray comes in a handy spray bottle making applications a breeze! Simply apply to your pet's chest or lower back for fast-acting relief. Use on their kennel or bedding to provide a relaxing environment!

Essential Oils: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Vetiver and Clary Sage

Directions: Spray directly onto the dog. Should be sprayed on their lower back and/or on their chest below their face. It can also be sprayed in a cage or bedding.

Size: 4 oz