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Featherweight Smuggler Dog Carrier

$211.00 USD

Give your shoulder a break. This new Featherweight Smuggler dog carrier is made of Chevron straw that provides disguised ventilation for your pet to travel everywhere with you. The interior is fully lined and reinforced with strong mesh. Enjoy the freedom of a lightweight dog carrier that is on-trend. We recommend measuring your pet's length and comparing it to the bag's measurements. Your pet will enjoy the flexible, slouchy comfort of a bag that seals up completely. You will revel in a fashionable, functional purse that happens to be a dog carrier too! Make the bag your own by adding our crystal charms to the accent chains. The bottom is the thick black croco material seen on the straps. Just because you carry your dog everywhere, doesn't mean everyone has to know. You don't have to sport a bag with telltale mesh all over the exterior. You're welcome.

- Bag weight 1.8 lbs
- Micro mink, egg-crate foam cushion. Removable and washable.
- 2 Micro Mink flip out chin pillows on each end.
- 2 leash clips
- Strap adjusts from 12" - 15" drop from shoulder to top of the bag.
- 2 chains adorn the front of the bag
- Snaps under head hole flaps hold the flap open. Securing flap to inside of the bag.
- Non- slip rubber under the straps
- Sumptuous pebbled lychee skin vegan leather straps and accents.
- Mesh lining reinforces this bag that breathes all over.
- 3 interior pockets. 1 exterior hidden pocket.
- 2 zippers allow one end to be open while the other end is closed.

Size: 13" tall x 16" long x 6" deep (Fits up to a 13 lb dog.)

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.