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Galuchat Dog Leash

$330.00 USD

The Galuchat dog leash is created in eggshell-colored full-suede torchon with finishes in the very precious Galuchat leather (ray) in shades of blue/black and a snap hook in full brushed silver-plated brass. A contrast of colors and refined materials makes this a real jewel. The uniqueness of the material which makes it look like it was composed of shining gems of infinite dimensions makes this accessory similar to a sparkling jewel. The processing of this material, known for its hardness almost associated with a stone is particularly difficult and can only be prepared by the most skilled artisans. Each piece is unique as is the raw material from which it is obtained. The matching dog collar is also available.

Size: approx. 44" long x .5" wide

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as this item ships directly from the designer in Italy.