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Nubuck Dog Harness Celestial

$193.00 USD

The quality of the Nubuck Dog Harness speaks through its details, starting from the raw cut nubuck itself, up to the handmade stitching and contrasting edge, from the orange striped fabric ribbon to the accessories in precious and resistant solid chrome-plated brass. The matching dog leash, dog collar, and poop bag holder are also available.

XS: approx. 11.8"-14.9" chest size (.59" width)
S: approx. 14.9"-18.1" chest size (.59" width)
M: approx. 18.5"-22.4" neck size (.59" width)
L: approx. 23.6"- 30.3" neck size (.98" width)
XL: approx. 29.5"-35.8" neck size (.98" width)

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as this item ships directly from the designer in Italy.