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Pooch De Noel Dog Fragrance

$124.00 USD
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These light, elegant fragrances are enhanced with two of the finest dog conditioners and packaged in beautiful crystal glass bottles and come in beautiful boxes making them wonderful gifts for the most pampered Pooch. From lively fresh notes for the male dog to lovely white florals for female dogs, there is a scent for all breeds for all seasons. So good even "humans" can't resist wearing them!!!

Derives its elegant fresh note from the regal Pear Williams fruit. Harvested exclusively in Switzerland and only in the fall of the year, this delicate fruit emits a characteristic beautiful fresh green scent. Available exclusively during the Holiday season, each limited edition ultramodern cobalt silver bottle is numbered and comes with a fine mist bulb vaporizer. Unisex.

Only available from October through January!

Size: 6.7 oz. (198 ml)